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Friday, 6 March 2015

When His Answer is, 'No'!

How much do we TRUST God as our Heavenly Father?

How eagerly do we OBEY Him when His answer is a No?

Do you know what I mean?

Because for me, sometimes I don’t get much more than, ‘No’!

I think my Father’s response can be similar to me and my children.  Oftentimes all I say is ‘No’ because I want them to…

Learn to RESPOND to my voice alone…
Learn to TRUST me and understand my knowledge is far superior…
Practice obedience because they have FAITH in me as their mother and they love me…
Learn to WAIT for the surprise I have planned…

Yet just like my children often I can STRUGGLE when I ask and the reply is simply, ‘No’.

I can feel BEWILDERED and I even SULK and do I dare admit it openly that sometimes I even TANTRUM and/or PUSH for my own way?

Yet my Father is indeed the BEST parent ever and is SO VERY PATIENT with me!

He does not put me inside a restrictive ‘play-pen’…rather simply says, ‘I said no my daughter! Do you TRUST me enough not to go there?’

A very real part of my struggle to obey when I hear, ‘No’ is the DOUBTS, FEARS and TEMPTATIONS which come into my mind.

IRRATIONAL doubts, fears and temptations…Thoughts like;
‘Did I REALLY hear correctly?’
‘But this would make me HAPPY!’
‘What opportunities am I going to miss out on by saying no?’
‘It seems so right…all for that one little detail and won’t grace cover that?’
‘Surely God wouldn’t show me this if I can’t have it!’
‘How LONG am I expected to wait?’
‘What if I NEVER get a yes!’

I want to acknowledge I have not always been quick to obey.

However I have found when I am quick to obey, the temptation to entertain the idea for longer also passes quickly.  I stumble less.  His peace floods my soul and I am more productive as my mind does not get stuck in an emotional rut!  I am freed to wait peacefully for the next stage of His plan to be unveiled.  I feel closer to Him as His loving daughter.  Furthermore when I am quick to obey it is not only my heart which is protected, my children’s and other’s hearts are also.

When I hear, ‘No’ and obey, I GROW…

He brings me to the place where I can say, ‘Okay Father I don’t know what You have totally planned for me, only that this particular thing is not part of it, and I am going to TRUST You – Trust that You are good, that You know ALL things and have a plan that is TOTALLY good for me which will result in me being more productive for Your Kingdom and Glory!’

I think of God’s people who when their land was war-torn, God told them to NOT fear, rather TRUST Him and STAY and if they did ALL would be well…

We read however that they chose to not TRUST and OBEY Him, rather to trust in PEOPLE and flee to Egypt which did not result in a good outcome.

The hymn which has been implanted into me from that of a girl comes to mind;
            ‘Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey…’

When we want a tree to GROW well we prune it.  Pruning hurts – cutting things off can hurt – we may feel like we are isolated in a war zone…yet when we hear ‘No’ and obey it doesn’t matter what anyone may try to do to us we will stand FIRM in His strength and peace!

Jesus said we will be given what we ask for in His Name.

So when we pray and ask for the Father to reveal His will for us on a particular issue, in Jesus’ Name…We should not be surprised if His answer is simply, ‘No’! 

God is not a ‘Genie’!  He is our loving Father who knows best…

So may we grow in trusting Him more, being led by His perfect Holy Spirit and not our own flesh!

In His service, Melanie.


Jon Stallings said...

You are so right Melanie. It is hard to heard no. Just recently we had an issue facing our family. I prayed to God he said no. Yes would have been a lot easier but His ways are greater so I do have to trust.

plantingpotatoes said...

sometimes, a no from God is the best thing that could be for us.....!

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

You are both right guys thanks!