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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Too Good To Be True:

Have you ever thought something like; “All that Christianity stuff is just too good to be true.”

Or, “Christians just love their religion and are brainwashed.”

Or, “Well it may be true for them but I am a realist.”

Or, “My life just sux and that’s how it shall remain until I die.”

Or, “They’re just too happy not to be on something!”

I am serious with this question, as I believe many of us can believe the whole Christianity story is just, Too Good To Be True…

I mean especially when we look around and see the destruction that takes place. We grieve. I hear people say, “Where is this god they speak of? Those Christians are loonies…there is no god!”

I have been thinking about this today and I must say that my own personal thinking led me to a place where I actually had to have a look at my own personal faith…just stay with me, and I’ll elaborate on that soon.

Firstly, the Gospel…now Gospel literally means “Good News” in English.

This Good News, that God became a human being, to die our death we rightly deserve for our sins, so that we could by-pass death for eternity upon acknowledging our condition and need for Him through Jesus Christ…Passing from death to life by a spiritual rebirth by the Holy Spirit entering us…The perfect immortal One entering our mortal bodies, so that we will rise to a new body and earth at the appointed time when Jesus returns to deal with sin and His enemies once and for all...for He grieves too.

Yes, this is Good News! To become a child of the living God to be transformed by His power…to move from the kingdom of darkness to light…to be given new eyes to SEE the truth about life and a new heart that desires to be faithful to God rather than rebellious. Yes, this is Good News!

Yet until we come to the place of total surrender and letting go of having ourselves as god, we will think this Good News is Too Good To Be True…for that is just what the enemy wants us to believe.

I know this as truth because this is once how I was, and I have experienced it...I wasn't always the person many of you know today who loves Jesus.

I know it is not Too Good To Be True because I have experienced it and joined the group of people who know the JOY only God can give.

I know what it means to have a BELIEVING FAITH…to believe in Jesus with every cell of me…

Yet when I was thinking about faith today and the idea of Christianity being Too Good To Be True, I was personally challenged with the thought that came into my mind of God still being possibly Too Good To Be True, for me personally, in relation to Him meeting all my needs.

The idea hit me all at once and I was a bit taken back…But my mind went to Peter stepping out onto the water because Jesus was standing upon it, only to fall because he did not believe it was possible for him and Jesus speaking later of having faith and not doubting.

So I began to think, “Well I believe in Jesus with all that I am…but to be honest sometimes I still have negative thoughts about myself and then limit in my mind what He will do for me…there are some times when I haven't had a faith that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with Him for me to prosper for His Kingdom and Glory…” You see sometimes a thought comes to mind that God meeting every need is still for only some know, all the glamorous, picture perfect ones! How ludicrous, I know...yet I must be honest... 

Please let me assure you that I am not proclaiming here a prosperity gospel or speaking of anything monetary – I am simply speaking of ALL my real needs being met, for me to live a faithful life doing what He’s called me to do joyfully.

I had to contemplate how much of the negativity from the world and enemy had remained in me or snuck back in – I didn’t think the Gospel message that Jesus was my saviour was Too Good To Be True…but I had started to think during difficult times that perhaps life in all its fullest, for me personally was Too Good To Be True.

But I am so grateful I have experienced the Goodness and Transforming Power of God through Jesus Christ, that I know my God is not Too Good To Be True in ANYWAY…So I WILL continue to step out onto the water, casting off any negative thoughts of unworthiness or impossibilities.

I pray you too, will come to know the One True God who made Himself known to us as Jesus Christ…Not settling for the status quo, or listening to the enemy's lies, rather experiencing the One who is Oh So Good & Oh So True!

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In His love and goodness, Melanie.

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