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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Time Shall Not Be My Master.

Time is a funny thing isn’t it?

It is a part of our created order and while it is a good thing, it seems like we can be really bad stewards of it sometimes…Do you know what I mean?

How often are we simply CONTENT with the pace of our lives rather than feeling too busy, or even the opposite of not being productive enough?

It seems so often I hear someone remarking of time flying by along with a regretful statement.

How often do we just be still with God?

How often do we STOP and make the effort to reach out to the person He is prompting us to contact?

How often do we settle for the status quo and make excuses for ourselves?

This is not to say that our lifestyles today are not genuinely demanding…

But how good are we at managing our time? In setting sensible boundaries and leaving time to just be available for our closest and dearest?

I am sitting here thinking about time due to the sensitive trigger for my family at the moment with our Dad’s death being around a year ago.

I was on Facebook and the social media site reminded me of things I shared this time last year, just before Dad’s death and funeral…and I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise that it was simply life as usual…

The blog had reached a new milestone of 145 posts; I had been out to lunch for my sister’s birthday; I’d done a quiz and updated my profile pic…I did not see what was coming.

Fast forward a year and here I sit; I’m still blogging; I saw my sister for lunch yesterday and I’m again thinking of updating my profile pic!

What’s different is Dad is no longer here with us – we can’t even call and say hi…

I caught up with an old friend for an easy lunch and afternoon today. It was really lovely and special and even though it had been quite a while since we’d caught up, it felt like no time had passed. I remarked how it was coming up to two years since I’d moved to this area! Both our lives keep changing with our children now growing up so fast and in adolescence.

To be honest, sometimes I can get stressed when I think about time…

Yet I come to a place of PEACE when I stop striving in my own mind and remember I am loved by Jesus regardless of what I do, simply because we are friends. That it’s how we journey through life that counts more than arriving at the destination we think we need to get to…

Today I am deciding to not let TIME rule me…to not measure my life by every day, month and year…To live with a mentality of it’s the QUALITY that matters over the QUANTITY…

To live each day as a gift and a chance to reach others with His love.

To not resign to the idea that my worth is found in the opinion of others ~ rather just to love those He allows me to journey with!

May you know His peace, Melanie.

Let me leave you with a song, 'Life of Praise' by Casting Crowns

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