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Thursday, 16 July 2015

A time to speak out:

My heart is breaking over the new era of the genocide of mankind. 

The slaughter of the unborn.

People today are so ready to say, "Only God can judge me..." even when one does not judge, only speaks the truth in love! I tell you, no amount of good deeds can clear ANY OF US from His righteous judgement and I know I cannot stand before Him without the robes of Christ's righteousness. Hebrews 10:31 says, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." NKJV

If you have not seen the amazing documentary 180, I urge you to please do so! Here is the link: 180 Movie.

Jesus spoke of the very real consequences of rejecting Him, but so many want to fashion God into a god of their own liking to appease themselves...picking and choosing scriptures to suit and not looking at the Holy Bible as a whole, concise document...Once again an idol is made, for God does not change.

I say to you, it is a good thing to have a healthy fear and reverence for our Holy creator, to understand our inherited depraved nature, so we can humbly come to a place of genuine repentance accepting the great gift of salvation for eternity that Christ offers, for judgement IS coming.

So many today have sex as their god...

People often wonder about the love of Christ and the seemingly different harshness of judgement...But I ask you, would a loving and good judge pardon a person from abusing a child when their heart desired no forgiveness or to change? We know the answer. And God is the highest of high, our conscience comes from Him as we are made in His image. But we must exercise our free will and choose life which is Him.

For those of you who think Jesus is only a MAN, I ask you why do you curse His Name? Why do you not curse Buddha or any other demon? You curse Jesus because He is God! Do you think any of us who has cursed His precious and Holy Name can have fellowship with Him? Jesus is the ONLY way for eternal life and I will die saying this, for I refuse to be a pawn of the enemy and say other religions are fine so that you LIKE me...I only desire to LOVE God and stay in relationship with Him, only possible through the perfect One, Jesus Christ!

Watch this video:

I feel physically nauseous right now but am so glad I followed this link and watched the video! In the OT pagan's sacrificed their children to their demon gods...and really this is just today's version. Children are ALWAYS a blessing from God no matter how they are conceived...there are so many women who rejoice over their baby being the most precious gift after enduring rape...shame on the people who counsel rape victims (who are in reality such a minority) otherwise and the selfish families who won't support them through this! 

Women who abort, so often regret their decision for the remainder of their lives but this isn't talked about...once again we have people in "CARE" professions who just want the "QUICK FIX" for people..."Give them what they want so they'll be HAPPY and go away"...this disgusts me...people too busy with their narcissistic selves, wanting to post another selfie while out for lunch or coffee, to spend an hour talking with a hurt person and discussing REAL long term factors for decisions. 

I have to even ask where is the church on this issue – specifically where are the Christian people ready to speak out? I have many online Christian acquaintances who are simply silent on this issue but then again the majority are silent on most issues - and I think it's out of the fear of offending, yet I’d rather have no friends and a moral backbone rather than a large number of Facebook followers liking my shares. I know I have my mother to thank for this and Jesus’ example in scripture, standing up to the religious leaders of His day and turning the tables over in the temple. Jesus knew who His enemies were, who His friends were and who would betray Him and He still chose to live the life of righteousness which would cost Him everything so that you and I could inherit eternal life rather than the death we deserve!

Jesus said to love the world is to be an enemy of God…can we really chose friends over Him? Yes, we need to be compassionate and full of His grace but this doesn't mean we don't stand for what is right! When I was in rebellion I didn't want to talk to a born-again believer, it didn't matter how nice they were, but when my time came I knew I wanted to speak to those who were genuine and lived what they proclaimed! Even though today there are times when I feel the truth of belonging to a minority, He never leaves me totally alone, there are others sold-out for Him who I have alongside.

Someone online prepared to speak out the other day, said the disgusting practice of aborting BABIES (yes babies) and selling their body parts is even something ANIMALS would not do to their young!

When will people listen to their CONSCIENCE rather than the propaganda that is shoved down their throats in the name of "PROGRESSION" - women's rights? Please! Where is the support for women to keep their babies? And it all starts with sex-ed in schools...the sexualisation of our children is everywhere...state sex-ed says to kids, "It's YOUR body so you can have sex with your friends as long as you wear a condom (and if you don't know this, then you haven't been in a sex-ed class) and if you get yourself in a predicament then again, it's YOUR body so you have a right to terminate the pregnancy for the sake of YOUR future..." No rights here for the HUMAN BEING inside the woman! But let's dehumanise babies and call them another name to make the presentation more palatable and make MONEY - palatable, please it makes me sick…

I want to finish with my OWN STORY because this is truly how I know the love of God.

I know what it is like to be abandoned by a man.

I know what it is like to be a single mother to 3 children, and living on social welfare payments…to have visited food relief centres…to ask a charity for money…to struggle to finish a degree so I have the tertiary piece of paper to obtain a decent job to help others…and I would NOT trade any of it for the ‘freedom’ of a child-less life, as some like to say…

I can write to you with all honesty and say that my 3 sons are the BEST gift from God to me EVER after salvation.

Yes, I have no husband but I have 3 loving sons to cuddle and hold.

Yes, sometimes life is hard but I have 3 smiling faces looking at me each day to do life with!

Mankind is so good at stuffing up the good gifts of God we have, because the enemy gets into minds with subtle, slick, seemingly good thoughts, because he ultimately wants to destroy our lives and our happiness.

With His heart for life, Melanie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking out.
Most of us are too scared to.
I have been haunted by such a decision
made by a person close to me before I met them.
Pressured by a "me" person that decision
haunted them for the rest of their life.
We do such a great job of mucking things up
We take a beautiful world and form it into a place
of confusion and chaos.

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Thank you Anonymous for sharing your story here.