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Friday, 17 July 2015

Be the Salt: 3 Attributes of Salty People!

What is good about salt?

It’s a good question as Jesus said we are to be like salt and salt that loses its saltiness is good for nothing and should be thrown out! Read it here.

In my opinion salt does three great things:
  1. It adds awesome flavour
  2. It makes people crave
  3. It preserves & cleanses

I want to be salt, for Jesus tells us to be so and I also want to have salty friends! Today I am being thankful for true salty people and I’ve been really encouraged by some recently, so let me share with you what I think is great about them…

1. Salt adds awesome, genuine flavour:

Salty people simply are not plain! They are not like the rest. They genuinely extend themselves to add flavour into the lives of people they are in contact with. They are delicious!

I have a salty relative and he simply adds a godly flavour into my life with his presence. He listens and speaks the truth to me in a calm and gentle way that is not threatening; rather it prompts me think things through from another perspective, because truth be told sometimes I am not so objective when it comes to situations I am personally involved in.

Salty people add awesome flavour because they don’t live their lives by the status quo. Their lives match what they say…they lead exemplary lives which show the Gospel is living!

2. Salt makes people crave:

I have read in articles that salt makes people want to eat more, as well as drink water.

Jesus is the bread of life and also gives life giving water.

Salty people are an agent God can use to put the desire for spiritual bread and water in others.

Salty people add the taste for Jesus into the lives of others.

3. Salt preserves & cleanses:

Salty people help others to preserve their faith in Jesus Christ.

They don’t tear down or get annoyed, rather build up and encourage.

Salt is powerful and only a small amount is needed to preserve our food – Salty people are powerful and need to discern how much to contribute to preserve.

Salt cleanses too and heals. Salt is present even in our healing tears.

Salty people help others to cleanse and heal by crying with those who are hurting, picking up the spiritually crippled and leading them prayerfully to Christ Jesus.

May we all desire to be salt and prayerfully reflect how we can be Salty! This may require change, so we must be prepared to let go and be different, for salt that is not salty is good for nothing…Jesus has put the challenge out there for us to heed! I thank Him for His genuine, salty people.


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