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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

When the door SLAMS shut: How to find the KEY for opening the RIGHT door!

How do we find the key to opening the right door?

What do we do after we have a door slammed in our face, when we were so sure God was pointing us toward stepping through it?

Have you ever experienced this? I certainly have at least a few times and I must say it can be quite challenging on many levels...even after I have prayed, "Shut this door if it isn't Your will!"

It can be emotionally challenging as so much energy has been put into taking the necessary steps to invest into this new, seemingly very possible outcome, only to have it extinguished in an instant. Afterwards we can be physically exhausted.

It can be personally challenging and cause a person to doubt their self-worth, perhaps leading to increased stress, anxiety or feelings of depression.

It can be spiritually challenging, resulting in thoughts coming to mind questioning our own ability to discern.

Most often it at least causes a person to wonder, “Why?”

Now this, “Why?” in my opinion is the beginning of us finding the KEY for the right door! Yet the crucial part of this, “Why?” is in what follows…

You see, someone may ask, “Why God?” in disappointment but then sit with negative, unscriptural thoughts, or even ask feeling dejected with their pride wounded.

But to ask in all humility, “Why God, what are you saying to me in this?” is actually the beginning to finding the KEY to opening the RIGHT door!

When we reject negative, unscriptural thoughts and focus upon the truth that we are beloved children, and our Father slams doors shut for His plan to be fulfilled, we can begin to prayerfully reflect and listen for what He is saying to us afresh…to not feel dejected, rather to look for the LESSON being taught from the experience.

We can ask, “Why God? What are you saying to me in this? What did you want to teach me in allowing this to happen?”

When we think like this and approach our Father in humility, we are better able to discern what He wants to teach and show us. I believe even if later we do not have a clear why, we still will have His peace and a calmness in knowing He stopped something for our best interest.

I do not always understand God’s ways and I have come to a place of accepting that this is okay!

His ways and thoughts are always going to be higher than mine (Isa 55:9), He is always going to be ABOVE me in all matters. But I do have a choice as to how I process what occurs in my life and this is paramount for a close, intimate walk with Jesus.

I can choose to sit with negative thoughts, or continue to let Him transform my mind which results in spiritual growth. I can view an unpleasant experience as one which will not be wasted, that it has served a purpose for my own personal growth and also enables the ability to minister to others during a similar time of need. 

This is how we find the KEY to opening the RIGHT door! The KEY is the right PERSPECTIVE. This is the KEY to opening the RIGHT door to later step through because we've come to a place of understanding by having the right perspective and listening to our Heavenly Father!

I have had some doors slam shut in recent years and I can testify that although the experience was not very pleasant, I learnt so much more about myself and God from it. I can be thankful for the experience, as I know my perception on what transpired is the KEY for opening the right door to step through later in His timing, and remain in His will in my life.

In His service, Melanie.

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very good read - amen!