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Saturday, 17 October 2015

More Than A Coincidence!

Of late I’ve really been getting a fresh insight into God’s sovereignty over my life while deliberately trying to be obedient to His voice saying ‘slow down, be still and trust me…’

Truth be told, He has been saying… ‘Be still and know…’ to me for quite some time now, but I can have trouble being still. I was hearing ‘be still and know…’ from so many sources that I even considered writing a book on the topic but each attempt fizzled…Hmmm maybe because I wasn’t being still?? Yes, I can be slow at times, yet He is so gentle and patient with me.

However slowing down and being obedient each day to the smaller, softer promptings over my own good ideas has allowed for more of His peace to fill me and for more encounters to see His hand at work over my life which has been an amazing blessing…I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I’d seen this…

Let me tell you about one of my recent encounters…

Recently I needed to drive to Melbourne (a two hour trip) to collect my children from the airport. The first hour of the trip was fine but then my car began jerking and making a strange sound like it was struggling to get fuel…this happened just before I left a main town, the last one on my journey until the city.

I was concerned so I called my local mechanic who suggested it could be the fuel filter and I should get it checked out; so I did a U-turn to head back into town. The first mechanical person I approached seemed to have no desire to help me at all, and honestly I was shocked thinking something like, ‘Why is this man so unresponsive?’ He pointed me up the road, so off I set to the next mechanic. The second man although he wanted to help, informed me he did not have a fuel filter for my car and also pointed me up the road… Feeling somewhat concerned and frustrated thinking that I’d have to now cancel an appointment I’d also arranged, I pulled up to the third business and walked into the office.

I then had to repeat my dilemma to a third man. This man however was quick to respond and in no time had the dirty fuel filter replaced. I thanked him and quickly got back on the road. After around 20 minutes the car began playing up again and the helpful 3rd mechanic willingly gave me advice over the phone. The car once again came good after a short time and then I made it hassle free the rest of the way to Melbourne. I was left feeling very blessed that I had encountered such a helpful person!

The next day I collected my children and set off. The car ran perfectly all the way to where? The exact same town! And although it was late on a Saturday afternoon the 3rd mechanic was still at his garage due to a local person needing a job done before work on Monday. However when he test-drove my car it would not repeat the problem! So I had to set off once again, to only find myself needing to call and receive advice on how to get home safely…

I was exhausted and felt like car trouble was the last thing I needed but at the same time I was also really impressed with the Christian character this stranger had displayed…I could not help but know there was no coincidence I had car trouble twice in the exact same town and was helped each time by the exact same mechanic! I could not help but realise that The Lord was crossing my path with this man’s for His own good purpose.

I sensed God had been taking note of this man’s heart for others and was putting me across his path to get his attention…

I have since found out that this man helps passing drivers when no-one else is open; he regularly visits his friend’s sick wife in a Melbourne hospital and regularly drives his apprentice home which is around 45kms from his workshop…what other good deeds, who knows? But God does…

The mechanic told me he knows our meeting is not a coincidence and that God is trying to speak to him; that he swears too much for Jesus’ liking but is trying to be better…

I told him that St. Peter (previously called Simon) was a swearing fisherman before he encountered Jesus and said to Him, "Go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man..."

I cannot help but think of the god-fearing Roman Centurion whom God led Peter to, to share the Gospel of Jesus with in Acts 10. God works in a spiritual realm we do not understand, but wonderfully get to be a part of as His children re-born by His blessed Holy Spirit!

So the next time you find yourself in an unexpected predicament, my advice is to be patient and quiet to see what He’s wanting to do through you. For we are not the Saviour but shine the truth of Jesus to others. People will sense we are different. We may only be a seed that someone else will water but this is how it should be, as He is the only One who deserves glory and the acclaim!

In His service, Melanie.

Let me leave you with a wonderful message of truth, 'God works in mysterious ways'...An hour of your life well spent!

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