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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Friday, 23 October 2015

All My Life

“Hey, I've looked All my Life for you, And now you're here...Hey, I've spent All my Life with you, All my Life, All my Life…”
"All My Life" is a hit song written by Karla Bonoff and performed as duet by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville…

I cannot help but connect with the love of Jesus when I listen to this timeless classic!

Of late I’ve been feeling like I am falling in love with Jesus, my Lord, my God, my Everything even more deeply and it is the most amazing experience of my whole life! One that I could have never imagined or created…I know it is only possible by His miraculous hand.

Even though I have been born-again for the last decade, I am continuing to come out of the wilderness I’ve been in for around four years since my ex-husband left. I have been experiencing of late a fresh perspective and appreciation of God’s wondrous ways. His sovereignty, mercy, grace, faithfulness, protection, timing and promises being revealed as I feel so loved and held in His unmoveable peace.

I write as one who was once a prodigal. As one who threw an amazing relationship with my heavenly Father away…I was a little ‘Jesus girl’ but the enemy got to me and robbed me of my relationship and peace…

I know what Jesus meant when He spoke about those who are forgiven much, loving much…I was just like the sinful woman and still am awed at His grace and mercy…I love Him so much. You can read the bible story here, well worth a few minutes of your time.

But of late as I see His hand over the lives of mine and my children’s moving so strongly and lovingly I am honestly left, simply speechless.

Here I am just an ordinary Aussie woman, yet living an extraordinary life of grace and peace because of my extraordinary, amazing, heavenly Father, all because He loves me and I accept it.

Someone I know suggested to me yesterday in relation to possibly selling something it would be best if I said only half the truth to ensure I got the best price for the benefit of my family…

I was not annoyed at their comment because I know that’s how I too once thought and I actually felt nothing but peace and joy in knowing that I had no desire to do what they suggested.

So I shared with them that before I was born again I was ruled by my flesh and money...but I did not have intimacy and peace with God...So now I don’t want to do something my conscience doesn't allow and thereby block that closeness.

You see, I know my God is Holy and Perfect and gives His children hearts that want to walk in His goodness and purity. I know God says liars shall not inherit the Kingdom of God and this is once how I was, but I suffered terribly with anxiety in my rebellion. 

There is so much freedom in Christ for all eternity. I know my heavenly Father loves me and owns everything - there's nothing He can't give me. If I live faithlessly and begin to again be ruled by the dollar I will not have His peace as I'll be trying to control everything and no longer trusting Him! The devil wants me anxious and fearful not my heavenly Father.

I would much rather be struggling to make ends meet if The Lord allows it, as I know even in that I have His peace as He can use even that for His Kingdom and glory! I would much rather make a new friend and have peace with God above an extra $1,000. I want to shine the truth that peace with God through Christ brings wellness...not a devious woman who leaves a wake of hurt and regret through dishonesty, cause I know what that's like. It's like betraying your parent to buy a Subway franchise and your Father says, "Why, when I would have given you the whole family business?"

Intimacy and relationship with my heavenly Father leaves me singing…

Am I really here in your arms, It’s just like I dreamed it would be
I feel like we're frozen in time And you're the only one I can see.

Hey, I've looked All my Life for you, And now you're here
Hey, I've spent All my Life with you, All my Life

And I never really knew how to love, I just hoped somehow I'd see
Asked for a little help from above, Send that angel down to me
Hey, I've looked All my Life for you, And now you're here
Hey, I've spent All my Life with you, All my Life

I never thought that I could feel a love so tender
I never thought I could let those feelings show
But now my heart is on my sleeve and this love will never leave
I know, I know

Hey, I've looked All my Life for you, And now you're here
Hey, I've spent All my Life with you, All my Life, All my Life!

To be back in the arms of my heavenly Father who will never leave or forsake me is where I want to always be…I was looking for Him in all of my rebellion and didn’t even know it…and even when I left Him He never left me, He spent each day still protecting me and waiting for me to return to Him. I looked all my life for Him and spent all my life with Him…but now He’s here with me, all my life, all my life!

In His love, Melanie :)

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