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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Sunday, 1 November 2015


To all of you whom I connect with here via the blog...I have some amazing news and I want to share my joy with you!

A decade ago Jesus welcomed me home. I had become someone I never wanted to be…inevitability from a rebellious heart wanting to have total dominion of myself. From the outside I appeared to have a great life; a husband, kids and a great career working with kids as a local dance teacher…But I did not have peace or true joy. I busied myself with project after project because I could not be still.

But when I surrendered all of myself to Him as my Lord and God I experienced the joy and peace of being back in the home and arms of my Father…Like the joy of a perfect Christmas day after being reconciled to your family.

Tears of joy and the release of carrying myself for so long and the damage I had done to myself with one compromise after another. Yes, a dramatic transformation occurred…But that’s the power of my Father! As I began to journey with Him as Number One…I learnt to hear His voice and all I heard Him say often was ‘follow me’. As you know I continued to work with kids and began Bible College while raising my own 3 blessings.

Then so many difficult things occurred around me… My brother Darren died, my ex-husband left, my friends Deb and Sonia* also passed. My dad took his own life and my ex remarried…Yet I have felt so loved, held and protected throughout them all.

As I sit here working on my final assignment for the Bachelor of Ministry I am overjoyed to announce that The Lord has provided me with a F/T ministry position with a church and Christian school in Adelaide. The position is an associate pastor’s position - the Children’s Pastor and School Chaplain. An amazing arrangement for the boys and me – one I could not have imagined.  I am awed and amazed, yet not surprised…

I’m sure we all know the famous line from Dirty Dancing, ‘No-one puts baby in a corner…’ And while people applaud at this ‘Eros’ love, I know the true love of my Faithful and Sovereign Father who loves me freely even when I do nothing to deserve it and He says, “No-one will crush my daughter!”


And I while I await His return I will continue to praise His beautiful, perfect Name…and I encourage you to do the same for He truly is the firm and faithful foundation in all seasons!

Thank you for your love and friendship, Melanie and boys.

* A pseudonym 


MikeConnie Brown said...

Embrace the days ahead. God is good. Great news.

Melanie Baker-Nash said...

Yes He is! Thanks Mike and Connie :)