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Friday, 12 February 2016

Maturity as a Christian: 12 Marks

We know maturity is not something that always comes with age...
I'm sure you're thinking of someone right now!

And if we're honest with ourselves, we will admit that at times we struggle to respond appropriately in all situations, and that we're an ongoing work in progress.

But if I'm really honest, I will admit that I can struggle and get frustrated with people who think of themselves as better than everyone else. You know, the people who stink of arrogance...

Yet we know we're not perfect, and that Jesus who is tells us to pray for our enemies for love overcomes evil!

Sometimes I am exhausted. Exhausted and frustrated, so much that I want to curl up in my house and hide.

I can feel worn down. I can feel at a loss when I encounter such difficult things like; disrespect, neglect, abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, broken relationships, abortion, grief and loss, death, suicide, apathy, drugs, mental illness, sexual disorders, narcissism, abandonment...

Yet by staying close to Jesus, I wait for His renewing strength and refreshment to come, and it does, every time.

He keeps me close and secure and again I arise to go out into the world with Him – I am never alone, for He lives in me constantly.

So maturity...I think it looks a bit like this.

1. Spending time with Jesus daily – Prayer and reading your Bible, daily essentials for life. Worship music is great too.

2. Dying to self – Our own plans and desires, given up, to live according to His plan for our life.

3. Working hard – Understanding the benefits of working hard and having a decent, clean home.

4. Giving up the pursuit of wealth – Living knowing you receive in order to give.

5. Being responsible – Taking care of your own family first.

6. Holding things lightly – Not letting any possession or person take God's rightful place.

7. Self-Control – Being able to hold your tongue and saying no to self-gratification like masturbation, getting drunk etc.

8. Doing what you say – Not being a hypocrite, rather an example of one who lives the advice they give.

9. Long suffering – Living contentedly while patiently waiting for The Lord's provision and timing.

10. Having discernment – Being able to read people and situations well, so to respond appropriately. Knowing when to speak and when to say nothing, taking no offence. Knowing whom to trust, or whom to have firm boundaries with – to read what actions are from malice or brokenness or an ulterior motive.

11. Having wisdom – Knowing your limitations and taking steps to having your needs met so you don't burn out.

12. Stopping striving – Knowing we don't have to earn God's approval that we're loved as His children through Jesus and resting in that fact; so what we do do comes from the love and intimacy we have with God, not our need for others to accept and validate us. It is accepting and loving ourselves as He does.

To conclude, if you've read something that you know you desire to mature in, I really encourage you to begin praying about it and taking the necessary steps towards achieving it! Try not to feel down, pray and arise in His strength to achieve – each new day is an opportunity to keep maturing in Him!


Let me leave you with this challenging and encouraging song: 'Keep Making Me' By Sidewalk Prophets.

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Mrs. Shawn Mullin said...

Good post sis~ I think all of us strive to be spiritually mature and in some way fail miserably at it. Yet, we continue to reach for the mark for the prize knowing that our failures, our "stuff" doesn't surprise or anger our Father.

Good job~

fyi read # 12 again rather slow :)

love ya sis,

I'm hid with Christ and all my faults with me~