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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


A RE-WRITE OF PSALM 4: Marking my four year anniversary of singleness.

Four ~

Jesus hear me now as I call to You, for I am at the end of myself, There is no more I can do, only place my continuing hurt and loss into Your hands, Oh God of all righteousness! You relieve my distress and hear my prayer.

Oh people of this world, how long will you hate my godly morals and what is just and right? How long will you continue to love what is vain and live in deception?

But I know The Lord has set His children apart for Himself; and I am His daughter whom He hears; He hears my cry, holds my heart, and gathers my tears.

I may at times tremble, but I am refusing to sin. I am choosing to die to my flesh, in love for my King. I will sit upon my bed and meditate in my heart upon His glorious ways; 

I offer my life as a sacrifice, for I trust Him, and therefore offer all of myself to Him for His eternal care.

Many are saying, “How is your god any different? You do not love, only judge!” Shine Your light Oh Lord, upon their darkened minds!

For You alone have put gladness in my heart, more than any of their worldly possessions provide.

For thanks to You, I am walking in Your Will and therefore lie down in peace and safety, that You alone provide.

Thank-you, forever Yours, Melanie.

Here is the original psalm: Psalm 4 (NASB).

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