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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Friday, 4 March 2016


As human beings, our perception is a very real part of who we are.

How we see and process things is unique to us all as individuals...

Our perception can be accurate, but it can also be sadly wrong.

Our minds are fascinating.

I've noticed some core traits linked with people who seem to have limitations in accurate perception. They can be be; immaturity, insecurity, mental illness, unforgiveness, limited understanding and application of scripture, self-obsession and trauma.

I believe oftentimes, people who fail to see what is obvious to others, or the truth of a situation are 'stuck'. They are stuck in bad habits, or stuck in their past, or in their trauma. They cannot move forward for true healing. They are unable to discern God at work in their life or His will for their life. Often they will not admit they have a problem because they don't see themselves as having one...but as we know their perception is out. They are often angry people, lacking peace and wisdom.

This may truly be challenging for the people involved in their life.

Yet the truth is we cannot change anyone.

What we can do is:
  • Continue to speak the truth in love, rather than tell them what they would prefer to hear
  • Pray for them, and with them
  • Help when appropriate
  • Allow them to make their own choices and face their own consequences, rather than ruling them, or bailing them out every time
  • Set another example
  • Encourage them

I believe what we meditate upon in our minds can dramatically impact our quality of life and future.

I also believe that our minds are the foundation for our whole life.

I believe that what we think about and focus upon, if enabled will travel down into our hearts to take root and then travel upward and outward of us to become transformed into words and deeds.

I believe when we meditate upon ourselves, we are tapping into our own selfishness, no matter how much humming one does, because once again, it's all about us...

Every sin begins with a thought and so does every good thing!

Scripture tells us Jesus said our actions reveal what is hidden in our heart, and that we need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind...

Are our minds meditating upon Jesus Christ daily, in fact moment-by-moment?

Do we perceive Him in everything? Are we allowing Him access into everything?

Are our minds being fed by the Word of God, so that this is what travels down and takes root within our hearts, so that what comes forth is a life honouring The Lord?

I've decided I can't change other people, only love them in truth; I can however use my free-will to choose Jesus and let my perception be guided by Him.

I can choose to be brave in Jesus, and buck the system that leaves people in desperate want for clear perception...Even if they don't realise it!

In Jesus, Melanie.

Let me leave you with a song from Casting Crowns which brought a tear to my eye today...Oh how His love is so amazing; our hearts fall so short, yet He transforms it when we willingly and daily submit to Him!

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