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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter: No, it's not really extra special for me.

To be honest 'Easter' isn't extra special to me.
Actually it annoys me a little, when people expect me to make an 'extra' effort to contemplate the Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I mean, Jesus is worth this devotion, every day.

You see, for me and many others, the death and resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our lives, not just something to remember and give thanks for once a year. No, we're not somehow more holy because we WILL NOT eat any meat on Good Friday and our chocolate eggs until Sunday morning...

Even our religious practices can become an extension of our own self-focused, proud piety.

In truth the Christian Holy Week (when the Church takes the time to intently focus upon Jesus' triumphal entrance back into Jerusalem, His death and resurrection) is most wonderful for evangelical, Christian proclamation.

You see, it's another, intentional chance, for us who understand the Gospel message, to share with others (who may not hear it any other time of the year) the Truth about life, death, final judgment and eternity. For this is how our lives should be lived...

Our lives should be lived in the revelation of the Truth of Jesus Christ – the Truth of His atoning death and victorious resurrection and how this relates to us all!

This is why Jesus left us with the job description He did, (also known as the Great Commission). We are to take the Truth about life – the message of forgiveness, and new life for eternity through Jesus Christ – to the ends of the earth, until He returns to save those who belong to Him!

Now this is an every day duty, not just a once-a-year special focus, like a church Easter fete!

The message of the Gospel is that death could not hold the sinless, perfect One and His death and resurrection can become ours, when we repent of our sin and give our whole life to Jesus.

Halleluijah – this is Good News!

Our sin that leads to death and eternal separation from God, can be dealt with forever through God who became a human man, Jesus Christ.

This is the truth that now permeates my whole body, mind and spirit and defines my days.

Scripture is full of exhortations for us to live our lives with minds set on eternity, rather than the temporary...yet today we see so many living worldly lives which pamper one's flesh, rather than sing His praise.

If as Christians we need to have a 'holy week' for our own benefit, above proclamation, then perhaps we need to take a good look at our lives and repent; so that we let do not let our own life get in the way of what should be our first priority, loving The Lord Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and sharing this love with others, until He returns.

In love, Melanie.

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