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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Friday, 17 June 2016

Abounding Grace:

I have found myself, over the past 18 months continually being brought back into fresh experiences of God's absolutely, astounding, amazing grace.

It started with me making some fresh, poor choices, and not only repenting in tears, but having to go through a process again of completely surrendering and letting go of anything clinging too close.

It wasn't easy – in fact it was tough. There were times where I felt desperate, alone and somewhat afraid, but it brought me to a place of again experiencing God's undeserved grace and power, to hearing Him clearly, and walking in His freedom.

Of late, I have been experiencing His Abounding grace through the lives of other people I have been incredibly blessed to work with. I have witnessed miracles, when simply put, the people do not deserve them. I have seen God moving powerful and people understanding this as so.

I have seen once again, God's Abounding Grace and it leads me to understand:

It is His grace that moves me to a place of desiring only His will for my life.

It is His grace that enables me to stand stubborn against temptations.

It is His grace that empowers me to love and go the extra mile.

It is His grace that encourages me to invest my personal time wisely.

It is His grace that enables me to see the unsaved as not so different to me, and in fact exactly as who I once was.....

How marvellous it is to contemplate His grace toward us whom He calls His children.

Love Melanie.

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