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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 24 October 2016

When God Says Go!

There are times in one's life when time seems to drag...each day like a week and each week like a marathon...Have you ever felt as if 3 months have been a year? Do you know what I mean?
Times like this are hard for me. I have experienced the long haul and wondered, “How long Lord?”

Yet when God He moves! When He ordains your steps and opens a door, there is no doubt that one must move, and one must move immediately...Have you also experienced this?

It is times like this when so much can happen in such a short amount of time. Sometimes, some things we know that would've taken us months to plan and arrange, can happen as if over night when The Lord works. I think of Paul and Silas in jail one evening and free a few moments later! I think of the Israelites before the Passover, with the command to make unleavened bread in preparation to move quickly...This has been the past month, or even less than, for me.

A month ago I would not have thought I would be writing this post.

Around a month ago I was shocked to hear the news that my dear Christian brother and blogging mentor, Bill Kraski, had passed. I remember shortly before his death, along with other Christian friends, Bill was praying I would find a new house to move to. I was nearing 12 months living and working here in South Australia. Yet very shortly after Bill was gone I began struggling to find a new house that was suitable for our needs here and I began to wonder what God would provide for my boys and I. I also admit I became a bit anxious. What a whirlwind the last month has been which is why I haven't posted anything new!

When I began to feel as if I may not find a suitable house in time (my lease was expiring) I also had a thought that perhaps The Lord may be closing the doors here in South Australia, so that the boys and I could return home to Victoria. At first I dismissed the thought but when it kept returning I decided to have a look and see what may be available work-wise online.

In a VERY short amount of time I had my pastor's blessing, a new full-time chaplaincy position, and house secured back in Victoria! 

Everything else has fell into place too. Not one detail has not worked to perfect timing, and I must admit although I know God can and does work like this, I am still awed He has ONCE AGAIN ordained my steps and provided so amazingly! I am once again floored by His love for me, just an an ordinary Aussie woman.

I often say to people if I wrote down all the amazing things that happen so often in my life people wouldn't believe me...Sometimes I just share one simple story and people are amazed...But I believe my life is full of amazing stories because He is in it, and He gives me the eyes to see Him at work so that I continue to trust Him and that He WILL do the same for everyone who becomes His child through Jesus!

This is NOT to say that I don't struggle – that I don't have hard times, because I do. There are times like I said, when days and weeks drag on and on, with multiple stresses all happening at once and overlapping with many new ones. Yet I still see Him at work; in making a way when there seems to be none, by softening hearts, and through sustaining and encouraging when we are weary.

There are times when He says STAY. WAIT. ENDURE. REST. STICK-IT-OUT. But there are times when He says GO, go now, do not delay.

As children of God we are not self-governing. 

The narrow path is indeed a surrendered life. A life which is alive to Him living within, governing all our actions, words and thoughts and this is true peace.

Peace because we are in such a close and intimate relationship with The One True God living within. Peace because we are free from the bondage of our flesh. Peace because we are free to choose yes to His good and personal plan.

Perhaps you don't have His peace that your life is following His personal plan for you...

This could be because you've fallen into some sort of sin which is trapping you. Don't despair, take time to prayerfully examine yourself with Him and His Word (the Bible) and repent. Repent is to turn away from facing your sin and to face Him again – it is a 180deg turn. Confess your rebellion and receive His forgiveness and peace. I have needed to do this in the past, and I believe all Christians do too from time to time.

So that is all my news for now. This time next week, God willing we will be in our new home and I will have just finished my first day in my new job. I am sad knowing Bill will not read this post and know about our new adventure unfolding...but I am also happy knowing he is still somewhere much better!

When God says, "Go!" you'd better...So yes, we're obeying and praising Him at the same time.

Love Melanie.

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