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Friday, 2 December 2016

Make Me A River: The Discipleship Decision.

Living takes a decision once life is given. Or to put it another way, once life is given, it takes a conscience decision to keep living.

In the womb where life begins, a decision is made by the mother to love and care for her child inside...Then after bursting out it is not too long before the child makes many decisions to foster their life on their own.

Life is so precious and The God I know, Jesus Christ, has made a way for us to have life as it was created to be – a life of love and joy in abundance, for all eternity through and in Him!

But recently I have been surrounded by an almost overwhelming amount of grief and loss.

Too many people are being touched by a desire to end their life, or hurt themselves, or are suffering because ones they love are feeling this way, or may have already chosen to end their own life.

It seems so many are sticking their heads in the ground, or hiding under their bed covers hoping that tomorrow when or if, they take their head out all will be well again...Hoping it is all just a passing storm or a bad dream they will awake from.

I know what it is like to hide. To hide from The One whom I knew was calling me.

Far too long I hid away and suffered silently with anxiety, trying to cope on my own. Choosing to hide my secret in the dark rather than coming to The Light, Jesus Christ. This was real hopelessness and is why so many people keep suffering, and why others do not know how to truly help others in their own life who are struggling...

There is healing available in Jesus. When Jesus was here on earth, people took their sick to Him and they were healed. This healing is still available today but people must be willing to go to Jesus and to lead others to Him.

True love heals...but it costs us our pride.

We must come to a place of acknowledging all our efforts are like bandaids and we cannot solve the deep problem of our empty souls, and selfish sin.

True love heals. It costs us our pride but it comes with the free gift of forgiveness, salvation and re-birth from Jesus.

This is why true healing is transformative. It is holistic.

This is why Jesus forgave people's sins as well as healed their physical ailments and He still does today.

People must make the decision to choose life. They must choose to give up their pride and receive the gift of forgiveness and life.

Life is NOT simply existing, to then die a death where one is left separated from God. Real Life is NOT autonomous, purposeless, and lonely.

It is a Life that rises each day with Jesus, basks in His love, and feels His embrace in both the times of laughter and of hardship...It is a Life that has purpose and meaning in Jesus...A Life that pours out His healing LOVE to others wherever they may be.

It is an individual who has chosen to be a disciple...An individual who does not expect to be discipled by someone else, rather grasps the gift of True Life which has been given to them through Jesus and prays moment by moment:
“Father make me a river, come Living Water flow through me. You are The One that I thirst for, so come Living Water flow through me. Guide every step I take. Lord let me not wander away. Father, fill every word I speak with the same grace you've given me. Touch the world with my hands, they are Yours. Let my love show the lost that You are Lord...Father make me a river.” (Casting Crowns)

We are not saved to just go to heaven. We are saved to have Real Life that is lived with God in us, and to pass this good news of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation to others.

Have you made The Discipleship Decision yourself or are you waiting to be discipled? Are you seeking to become a river with all you heart, soul, mind and strength to reach the lost? Don't wait...Others need to receive His love through you so they may be freed from a life of hopelessness!

Love Mel x

(This post has been somewhat inspired by 'Make Me A River' By Casting Crowns, so let me leave you with the song)

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