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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Alleluia Our God Reigns...Happy New Year 2017!

'Alleluia Our God Reigns, more than just for yesterday. He Reigns, today!'

I've just spent some time reflecting upon The Lord's Sovereignty and Goodness, for His hand over my life has always been so evident. Yet at this time, right now, so many things are 'falling into place' by His hand that the clarity is breathtaking!

I began strumming on my guitar and the above lyrics came out to a new tune, and so I took a moment just to pour out my heart and worship Him...singing these lyrics over and over. It is these lyrics that will frame 2017 for me because I am absolutely certain, without a doubt, that The Lord's good purposes for me will be fulfilled.

I am not making a 'New Year's Resolution' for 2017, as this is not something I usually do. However I will be keeping The Lord's Glory and Sovereignty first and foremost in my mind, to let it frame my days and year.

I want my steps to be according to His Will, for with this comes His peace which truly does surpass all understanding...

I sit here contemplating the times of hardship over the past five years, when all I could see was one small puzzling piece. Of times when I cried and resolved to be a victor in Christ Jesus, rather than a victim. Of times when I felt rejected but chose instead to trust my Father, His Goodness, Love, and Ultimate Sovereignty. Of times when daylight began to break through and I could see some of the pieces merging to make part of a picture, while longing for the whole section to be completed. Of times when I stumbled, repented and experienced His grace afresh. Of times of confusion, so prayerfully letting go. Of times when I chose to work hard at the only thing I knew for certain.

I reflect back and now sit in awe, marveling at His amazing, good hand...For He truly does work all things (including our mistakes) together for the good of His children.

I sit here and am again awed at His AMAZING Grace and Love.

Here now I sit knowing, that I am absolutely out of my wilderness season and I am reminded again that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!

We may need to wait, and experience a wilderness...But nothing is wasted and nothing is impossible for God – The One who resurrects us from a dead life, transfers us into His Kingdom, and transforms us into the likeness of Christ!

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for our God who reigns!

'Alleluia Our Reigns, more than just for yesterday.  He Reigns, today!'

It is my prayer for you, that you also, in 2017 will KNOW this truth and experience it as both a tangible and intangible reality in your own life.

Happy New Year!

Love Melanie.

Let me leave you with a song my eldest son loves...Planet Shakers, Nothing is Impossible!

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