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Thursday, 12 January 2017

I Want To Know What Love Is.

The Catholic Catechism states the purpose of man is to know God, and to love and serve Him.

Yet if God is love, as we know He is, could our purpose be even simpler and less 'works' based?

Could it be as simple as, 'To know God'?

For to know God, is truly to know what love is, and love does not just serve, it gives.

Could the purpose of man be simply to KNOW GOD?

You see, we know God's heart is for relationship. We know His work after creation has been reconciliation and restoration. God has continually spoken and reached out to us time and time again, and His final Word was the LOVE of Jesus Christ so that we can become His children. Forgiven, restored and free for eternity with Him, through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.

When a human being comprehends their own state of helplessness and need for Jesus, love is possible.

When we understand we're separated from God by our inherited sinful nature, and will be for eternity without His free gift of forgiveness and redemption only possible by Jesus dying our death upon the cross, we begin to comprehend true, selfless love, for the first time.

When we fall to our knees, turning away from our sin, seeking Jesus and forgiveness, we begin to let love in. When we commit our whole self to Jesus we fall deep into real love for the first time and find our purpose...

Our purpose is to KNOW God and to KNOW Him is to KNOW LOVE!

Yet knowing God, knowing love Himself does not stop at salvation – It is a lifetime experience of revelation.

One way The Lord will minister His love to us is through His children.

This can actually be a growth experience that isn't easy...yes, I'm speaking from experience!

When we've been hurt in the past by others, and/or our own poor choices, it can be difficult to accept true, genuine love when it comes.

Yet to know God is to know love and that includes receiving love from His family.

I experienced Jesus' salvation, becoming born-again in 2005, and The Lord wooed me mostly during our own private devotion time through scripture. He led me to a place in my life where I was so secure of His love for me, irrespective of any human love, that when my ex-husband left I never doubted God's love for me...Yet because of this experience and life in general, I came to a place where I didn't really trust anyone...

It's difficult to admit this but I know it's true...Not that it's wrong to guard one's heart, for we really do need to be wise and guard our hearts!

I've now come to a place in my life where I know I am healed from past hurts thanks to time with Jesus. You see, I did take the time to know my Father's love and therefore standards to expect from others. I learned so much about being a single, godly woman...About listening to my Father, about obedience, guarding my heart, boundaries and so on...But I realised recently, I also had LIMITED LOVE in my own mind.

You see, I had reasoned in my mind that perhaps my life was, 'as good as it gets'...that perhaps the only One I could really ever trust was God.

Yet, once again I am awed at His love for me, as I am now experiencing more of His LOVE afresh through someone so special, who loves The Lord as much as me, and has only good intentions towards me.

I must tell you, this love was somewhat difficult to accept at face value. I know now however, that The Lord has been using this person to draw me closer to Himself, and rebuild my trust in His children.

I am on a journey of knowing God and knowing Him is knowing His LOVE.

The Lord has continually been reminding me afresh that His plan and timing is perfect and that nothing is impossible for Him. His love is truly limitless!

If you've been hurt in the past, I encourage you to take all the time you need, letting Him lavish His love upon you, not looking to others for this first love you need foremost. Guard your heart but don't lose HOPE and limit His love, that will in the right time be available from His true children whom you will be able to trust. Keep prayerful and wise...

I do want to know what love is and this means trusting and accepting the good gift of His true love from new, genuine people and this is where I am at...

May you know Him who is LOVE too ~ Love, Melanie!

Let me leave you with Foreigner, 'I want to know what love is':

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