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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Who Am I?

Who am I, that the lord of all the earth, would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt?
Who am I, that the bright and morning star, would choose to light the way for my ever wandering heart?

Not because of who I am. But because of what you've done
Not because of what I've done. But because of who you are!

I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapour in the wind.
Still you hear me when I'm calling. Lord, you catch me when I'm falling. And you've told me who I am – I am yours!
(lyrics by Casting Crowns)

Sitting here today I cannot help but look back at the magnificent hand of God upon my life and feel so utterly awed and humbled. I cannot help but think of my own shortcomings and inabilities and marvel at the way He has made for me…I am in truth just an ordinary, Aussie woman.

When I stop and ask, “Who am I” that The Lord would bestow upon me such amazing grace? I stop and consider my own life and am faced with the reality of a life that falls short in so many ways – I cannot help but admit I am not worthy or deserving of the great gift of reconciliation, peace, joy and eternal love I have received, and am brought to a place of reverence for The One who gifts this to ALL who repent and turn their life to Jesus because of WHO HE IS. I receive because of WHO He has made me to be through The One, Jesus Christ – I am His and because He is so Good, I receive.

I found true freedom came when I was able to admit my inadequacy and my need for God to save me. I resisted and fought surrender and commitment for so long that I was actually breaking down bit by bit, piece by piece. I know there are many people who feel so emotionally broken, yet they don’t understand the freedom they will receive when they give it up and over to Jesus – When they let go of their self-control and hand over the reins of their life to Jesus.

It’s been talked about a lot, for some time now, that here in the West we have a whole generation of kids who have been pumped so full of self-esteem and acceptance that many are incapable of accepting loss in life, and lack the resilience to respond appropriately to set-backs. Far too many youth who have a grandiose notion of self-entitlement and self-actualisation, that borders on narcissism. Many youth who have no idea how to live in the real world, where credit needs to be earned. Numerous youth who have never heard the Gospel – and their need for Jesus who transcends self-actualisation to what we truly need – Self-understanding of who we are made to be in Christ Jesus which results in peace with God and discovering our purpose.

There is FREEDOM when we are able to admit our failings and need – This is what repentance means…confession and making a 180 degree turn back to face God with our life. This is when transformation can begin, for the freedom from the bondage of sin. This is the first stepping-stone to sanctification - The Gospel never says come to Jesus and remain unchanged.

Proverbs says the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God – and this is truth as the fear of God is reverent acknowledgement of WHO He is and of our need for Him!

This humble acknowledgement is the beginning of wisdom; understanding WHO He is, WHO we are as fallen human beings and WHAT He has done to make the way for us to become His children for salvation.

I sit here today as someone in an amazingly, privileged position of working in ministry and I still think, Who am I? I sit here about to be married in four days to a wonderful Christian man, who I am honoured to call my best-friend, and I say to Jesus, Who am I?

But I know it’s nothing to do with me being worthy – It’s all about WHO HE IS. He is a good, good Father - It’s WHO HE IS and I am LOVED by HIM – It’s who He is and who I am in Him which is why I receive. 
Oh praise Him!

Love Melanie.

Let me leave you with, 'Who AM I' by Casting Crowns.

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