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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Mission to where? Finding Significance.

Sometimes I have felt as if my life is not enough.

It’s not big enough. Not grand enough. Not exciting enough.

That I am not making enough of an impact in this loud, huge world.

Do you know what I mean?

It is times like this that when I see others achieving, and receiving praise, self-doubt plays on my mind. I begin to self-evaluate and analyse my choices over and over.

I feel small and insignificant. I can feel ‘stuck in the rut’ of life.

I begin to question my life’s mission for I long to have a life that is significant.

A life that counted for something when I am gone.

Yes, I feel like this sometimes, even as a Christian.

I feel like this when I am tired from caring all week for my family. When I am enduring another ‘hot flush’ or feeling anxious from perimenopause.  

I can feel like this when other people’s problems and poor choices weigh upon my heart, or when my own children are continually challenging me.

Yes, I feel like this sometimes, even as a Christian.

Today we can see so many, so many people, with loud, impressive lives (yes even within the Church) we can begin to feel insignificant…Can you relate?

Yet I know without knowing scripture we have no foundation for when the self-doubt comes. We can falsely think Christianity is all about making the loudest noise, to make a difference in this world.

But when I come humbly to scripture I find peace.

I find peace because I read nothing about loud, impressive, flashy lives.

I find peace because I read that salvation is God’s work. Salvation from my sin and continued forgiveness by having been made a child of God, is only possible through Jesus Christ.

My high ideas, standards and ideals all melt away and I find rest again.

So when I begin to feel insignificant and the self-doubt comes, I turn in prayer to scripture to refocus, and find reassurance once again for my life’s mission.

I understand my desire for significance is common, human vanity. I know that I am loved and my value rests upon Christ in me, and nothing else.

All of scripture is clear. And I state ALL because we need to read all of it, not just favourite verses. We need to read it ALL – Old and New Testaments. Letters as a whole. Books as complete works.

It’s my opinion people struggle to comprehend scripture and ‘trouble’ passages as they call them, as they read scripture from an analytical perspective rather than a personal, self-reflecting one. They address scripture as an ordinary book, rather than a powerful supernatural one. They read without praying first to Jesus and Jesus alone, for a softened heart and enlightenment…praying with a heart that desires to be changed.

Scripture as a whole makes things clear.

It’s God’s mission to make us His children.

It is our mission to make disciples.

It’s the Church’s mission to mature disciples.

We read right throughout the Holy Bible from Old to New Testament, God’s desire and plan to forgive and redeem us to become His own children. We read it from Genesis right through to Revelation. We read of God’s perfect standards, our human willful pride, and of His amazing patience, fair judgements, and love. We learn about His offer of forgiveness when we repent, and of what it means to be His child, compared to a child of the world, and therefore the devil.

We read that it is our mission to make disciples and of the lives of those who have done so before us. Of lives that have given up everything in order to reach others. Of lives that have paid the price and cost of being a disciple themselves who love Jesus and others above everything else the world offers. We read of the life-long tireless efforts, not big, flashy lives.

We read of the church’s work in strengthening and maturing believers. We read Paul’s letters that The Lord has provided us with for maturity. We read of mature believers working hard, giving much, and leading quiet, holy lives…making and raising disciples while they themselves are maturing.

Jesus does not put heavy burdens upon us, we do.

Jesus simply says we are to be found ready when He returns. We are to be found ready by loving, for love does not sin or hurt others. We are to be found making disciples and this is a life-long effort that begins in humility by loving our own family first and foremost.  

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and desiring to be loved by everyone.

We need to stop desiring to be significant for this is just human vanity.

Let’s just simply live lives that truly love others, openly, honestly and faithfully to be found ready as we read the disciples did. Let’s promote Him above ourselves and draw near to Him each day to find rest and peace. Then if later He raises us up, so be it. His Will be done and not ours. Let’s care more about our character rather than our status, for “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6b

Love Melanie.


rosie said...

Once again you are spot on Melanie.
And you have helped give me confirmation on my talk in church this week.
I kept 'feeling'I needed to speak on love. God's love and our response to him. How we share that love in the community.
I seem to 'hear' that we need to love one another and not get caught up in the way to get more people to church, or how to make people believe by what we say.

Melanie J Symes said...

Thanks for letting me know of His confirmation for you, Rosie. Praise Him.
Yes, there are times to speak and times to act, and then sometimes times for both.
But I believe when we live loving, authentic lives, and trust His prompting we allow Him to work and shine through us :) All the best for your talk.