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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Why Jerry Maguire is a terrible movie and no man will ever complete me: A non-feminist post btw.

Okay so we all know the famous line delivered by Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) to Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger)… 
‘You complete me!’ Right?

Yet this is such a terrible movie and does such an injustice to women… And no, this isn’t a feminist rant…So please don’t get annoyed at me just yet for calling out one of your all-time-favourite movies; hear me out for a moment because I too once LOVED Jerry Maguire!

I mean who wouldn’t right? It plays right to our feminine hearts…

A 26 year old single mother who is living with her sister ends up with a very good looking, messed up guy, whom she gets to rescue from himself with her love! And that line… ‘You complete me…’ It’s honey to a woman’s ears right? It’s like the romance in ‘The Breakfast Club’ where the princess falls for the rebel and the broken girl ‘transforming’ into a princess in 5 minutes at the end and wins the jock!

It’s exactly this type of storyline that feeds the minds of young impressionable women with wrong expectations and can lead them down a path of misery…I’m serious.

Call me wrong if you will, but from my life experience and a failed marriage I have learnt that no man will ever complete me. Rather at best they would complement me, be my best friend and truly love me…You know the kind of love that would show itself by them caring for me after I had a caesarean birthing our child for example.

Yet women listen up, you cannot get this love from a broken man…He is unable to give it to you as he is an unwell person and you CANNOT change another person. If the guy you like is emotionally withdrawn, or a hoarder, or lazy for example he won’t change just because he gets with you. Now really us women are smart, we know this deep down, it’s just we’re naturally nurturing so we love to help and we buy the lies of movies like Jerry Maguire then we can get stuck in bad relationships.

A broken man is really still a boy and the truth is you cannot rescue a man because a true man doesn’t need rescuing!

Believe me only a man will treat you and your children right…

I really do appreciate men and I love their unique traits, I am not a feminist…But I also love women and get sick of seeing women getting hurt by poor relationships. The truth is no human being will ever complete another. This is Hollywood hype and sells movies.

Only Jesus fills the void created in us for worship and connectedness with God.

No one does us any favours when we don’t get taught this and we’re raised playing Barbies and being babysat by Disney movies. We’re told go out and find ‘the one’! And when ‘the one’ isn’t appearing and we tire of working on improving ourselves, what do we do? We look for another person to ‘fix’ and what do you know? Hey there’s plenty of those guys around…

Now to the ladies I’m not saying that God doesn’t have a great person planned for you as your future husband, or to any men reading that He doesn't have a wonderful wife planned for you. But I am saying that person, when they’re ready for marriage (include yourself in this) will be secure in themselves as a man or woman in God, and won't need another to complete them. They then will become your closest friend whom complements you and truly loves you unconditionally in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, and vice versa and that is so much better than Hollywood hype!


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