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Thursday, 3 September 2015

You Say You Love Me With Your Words: A Cathartic Poem

You say you love me with your words
But I long to see them lived,
A glossy smile and shallow hug
No depth you have to give.

When did I become such a bore
Compared to your timetable?
Sweet words come forth from your mouth
Are they just a wondrous fable?

Christian words are thrown around
Like cheap flowing wine,
Go well, be blessed, know His peace
For you are a friend of mine.

But words without actions are simply dead
Fake, false and untrue,
And I want to love others as myself
For that’s what Jesus says to do.

So if I say you are a friend of mine
And don’t treat you as I ought,
I really should not be surprised
My words are scarcely bought.

I know you only reach out to me
When a need of yours I’ll meet,
Then gratitude for contacting me
Is expected with response so sweet.

What is that I hear you say
I’ve offended you once again?
Oh my  sensitive, plastic one
It’s only change I seek with my pen.

But alas for now I will resolve
To end this cathartic post,
For truly I am the intended one
Who needs to read this the most!

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