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Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's time to WAKE UP!!!

So I've had a huge sleep in today...although technically I've probably had my usual amount of sleep because I stayed up so late working on an assignment for my study.  I knew that I could do this and miss church today as I've recently stepped down from leading music at church.  This was so that I could allow for more flexibility as I'm a full-time student and mother and was feeling exhausted.  Personal pressures, family responsibilities, a heavy study load and irregular sleep were all taking their toll. 

Studying full-time via distance is a unique challenge as it can be quite isolating and self-discipline is a must.  However I am not willing to shirk the calling from God to complete this study.  Last night I think it was after 3:30am before I fell asleep and I must admit that although I am happy to have a large amount of work completed, I know that this schedule cannot continue.  We’re at the end of a two week break for my children’s schooling and I will be glad for some routine to re-occur this week…

So after making myself a late breakfast I sat down with my coffee and toast, and went online.  I ended up finding the following article (via another blogger) which is so awesome that I feel I must share it. 

I don’t believe in accidents when God speaks to you so profoundly through His word...enjoy :)



jesuswithoutbaggage said...

I am glad you got some sleep! Even though slothfulness is a bad lifestyle, it is sometimes nice to sleep in for a change.

The article you shared was very interesting. Thanks! I have commented further on Christian Bloggers.

Melanie Baker said...

Yes, I would have been too grumpy had I not slept in...but it cannot continue or happen too often that it's the norm :)

jesuswithoutbaggage said...

Hi Melanie, you can delete this comment rather than approving it, of course.

You mention that this is the first time you have copied someone else's blog post. My understanding is that this can cause a negative impact on Google search rankings both to your site and the original site because of duplicate content.

It is better to inroduce the original post and perhaps use a short quote from it and then provide a link to the article.

I offer it only as an FYI. You may know more about this than I do, so feel free to ignore it

Melanie Baker said...

No I'll publish it...more shared knowledge the better. I don't know a lot about this type of thing and it's something I usually don't do. I didn't copy from the blogger, but I copied their format of introducing it, and then providing the article after, with a link to the original, as I assumed this was ok. Thanks for your wisdom, I'll keep it in mind :)