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Monday, 29 April 2013

The Factory...

Would you describe yourself as productive?

How about industrial? What about as ‘a machine’…or even dare I say it…A Factory?

Ok, ok, I know most of you are probably humble people who take a lot in their stride and are having a laugh at these descriptions…especially if you’re an Aussie chick in my neighbourhood J

I tell you, I am so blessed to know MANY hardworking multi-talented and humble Mums…but I also know that this is NOT common just here in Australia!

Mother: Nurturer, Confidant, Encourager, Nurse, Cleaner, Chef, Gardener, Tutor, Chauffer, Security Guard, Vet, Hostess, Fashion designer, Event Planner/Co-ordinator, Personal Assistant, Singer, Actor, Referee, Nutritionist, Interior Decorator, Personal Trainer, Peace Maker, Artist…

I hope this list makes you smile…but in all seriousness, although a mother may not always deliver, in the above roles, a professional standard, she sure does do all of them, plus more! 

AND this short list doesn’t even include many other possibilities when roles like sister, daughter, and wife are considered…

So here I am in my humble home…not feeling 100% today…tired with the beginnings of a sore throat…and to be honest feeling like an old factory that is in need of a slight rejuvenation…now you know where some of this blog has come from J

But today is definitely not the first time I’ve felt like this and I know it won’t be the last…but would I have things differently?  I’m sure you’d guess right by replying…NO!

Day in, day out, we pump away at so many different tasks…

I just had a birthday party for my son on Saturday…now let me tell you what this involved J

First I was the party planner, invites had to go out, house had to be cleaned and outside had to be prepped…

Then I was the personal assistant/chef; I had to shop for all the necessary food and drink and then bake upon request a ‘Superman’ cake.

At the last moment my son came out ‘dressed’ as Clark Kent, requesting glasses to accompany his ‘costume’, so then yes I was instant costume designer, and of course the happy, bubbly slightly exhausted hostess J  And this was just one task…a birthday party!  Oh yes, there was also the party games co-ordinator role and waitressing…

Clark Kent on Saturday

Sometimes I feel like a processing plant…constantly organising all the stuff that infiltrates our home!  

And then, like today I reflect upon my life as a mother and  although I feel exhausted and drained, I know that I’m not done or ready to stop, as I have oil for my plant that is good, clean and unlimited! Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

Delightful post, and true of the multitasking asked of mothers! I speak Christ's restoration over your spirit, soul, and body; your heart, mind, and emotions in Jesus' Name, Mel. Thanks for a good chuckle and renewed appreciation for mums of today and every day. =0)