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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The authentic article...or in Aussie slang, the Ridgey Didge or the Dinky Die...or the Fair Dinkim, True Blue article!
So I’ve been blogging now for about nine months, and really my posts have been experimental in regards to their purpose…by this I mean my topics have been varied, and therefore have had differing impacts…

You see, it’s not that I’ve been unauthentic because that’s not the case…I am actually quite a creative, and at times a spontaneous person, so it’s natural that my blog posts vary…

But at times I’ve had a specific audience in mind for different posts…specific people in mind that I want to connect with…I suppose what writer doesn’t?  Yet other times, my posts have been cathartic, and I am writing to whoever wants to listen J

Over this period I have written 56 posts, this post will make 57…and due to Blogger Stats I am able to observe which posts have been the most popular…

Now please remember that I have still been writing all along as myself, but sometimes my posts have been female orientated, news orientated, Christian parenting or Gospel focused…and I think, that the Christian posts, or gospel posts seem to be the most preferred, along with the unusual/interesting/specific/odd ones…

Where am I headed with this post, you may be wondering?

Well today I saw a fantastic clip with Nick Vujicic, who finally had an appearance on US television with Oprah Winfrey…for those of you who don’t know this famous Aussie’s early testimony, as a young man he believed that one day he’d make an appearance for God on her show!

This clip got me thinking…you see in it Nick is unashamedly Christian, both in this television appearance and wherever he goes.  Just recently Nick travelled to places where Christianity is not tolerated in Asia, and was able to speak briefly of God on national television, and it was accepted!

This had me thinking…Why is this Christian man so loved, and why are my most popular posts the Christian or unusual ones???

Well I think Nick Vujicic is so loved and accepted because he is so authentic!

One look at Nick speaks volumes of what he has had to endure!  I don’t think I’ve heard anyone doubt his faith in Jesus, and he is such an inspirational light in this sometimes dark world!  So perhaps people do want to hear something other than what the world says…which would also make sense as to why my more popular posts, are the Christian or unusual ones!


People respond to authenticity from people!  It makes sense that people are disheartened by hypocrisy…I mean who isn’t?  So this should inspire us to walk with integrity in the light of Jesus and to NOT be ashamed of our faith, or think that it is something of a stumbling block to interacting with others!


Let’s be bold with God, and share His love by being authentic people!  This is NOT to say we’re not authentic…for it’s true that I actually am very blessed to know MANY authentic Christians!  But I just want to encourage you today, to keep being honest, and authentic!  If in doubt think of Nick!

Melanie J

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