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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Spring 2013


For my friends who are on the opposite side of the world Spring is here in Australia!

Have you ever wondered how this season got its name? And did you know that this season’s full name is Springing-time!  Yes it is!  Because the name does relate to the plants springing up from the ground! You can find out more about the season names if you like here:

Well Spring has announced itself most unusually here where I live on the Eastern side of Australia this year…almost to the day (September the 1st) the weather changed in temperature dramatically…so much so, that on our National News they reported that authorities are already concerned for Summer, and the real possibility of Bush-fires again!

Not what we want to hear!  However I must say that the biggest shock is just how the sudden change in the weather has impacted me personally…and it’s had me thinking!

For those of you who are regular readers, and who know me well…you will know that I have been in a winter season in my life for around 2 years now…and to be totally honest this fresh burst of warmth has actually shaken me out of some of my comfortableness!

You see, I was actually getting quite settled in this season of Winter…both literally and emotionally!  But then the literal Spring arrived so suddenly, that I found myself challenged once again, on more than one level...

Yes challenged, because to be totally honest although the literal winter had been more restricting, I was now emotionally more comfortable, taking life easier and resisting change!  And as you know, the literal Spring brings about so much transformation and work, it's made me realise that I am now entering a stage of emotional growth which will also require much effort!

I know that on so many levels I must be flexible and open to God’s will, which is the new growth that He will bring forth.  I want to thrive in the sunshine of His love, rather than resisting and becoming brittle…
We know that when we step into the sunshine, the rays permeate deep into our bones, and we know how good this is for us!  Yet sometimes we’d just rather stay inside our own little bubble, instead of stepping forth with God…  It’s just how it is; sometimes the winter overtakes us. 

Yet God is so good, and He does bring forth the sunshine…regardless if we think we're ready!  Just like kids playing hide-and-seek… “Ready or not, here I come!” says life, as God’s good blessings are showered down upon all, both the righteous and not. 

So as always we have a choice.  To stay in our winter, or accept God’s good gift of Spring and new growth!  Yes we will you have to work…there will be plenty of gardening, but with Jesus we are never alone, and the rewards are good and fresh!
In love Melanie :)


Shawn Mullin said...

Hey sis! This post is appropriate for me as well. Rather than winter I have been in the desert for a long, long time. My husband & I talked about it just this morning, here we are finally used to the hot, hot desert, lazing around with little or nothing required of us and boom, we popped out of the desert onto a Nascar track. Back in the fast lane, trusting that God has not lost His mind about us finally. just kidding, I know He works all things for good!

You did a great job with this post! Love the flowers!

I'm hid with Christ!


Chanda Griese said...

I like your analogy of how we go through seasons in our life as the earth goes through it's own seasons. I feel like I'm coming upon fall...I believe, by the grace of God, all the soul work that the Lord has been doing in me is going to produce some sort harvest soon...

Melanie Baker said...

Hey Sis! I think the desert/wilderness and winter have much in common! Yes, the sudden change can be a bit daunting, but I am so glad that you have your husband to talk things through with and to share the journey! The flowers are a photograph taken of an old tablecloth that I have here at home x

Melanie Baker said...

Hey Chanda, looking forward to the harvest then! Great :)

Trish said...

Hey beautiful Melanie, it's Trish here! how are you? :) I feel for you sis! I see the honesty, sadness, strength, obedience, resilience and faithfulness from your post.~~ it is beautiful, you are beautiful! love, Trish

Melanie Baker said...

Hey Trish, lovely to hear from you sister! Thanks for your beautiful comment , will have to message you, I'm sure you're enjoying this weather too!