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Saturday, 7 December 2013

A simple life...

Do you live a simple life?

One that is free from frills and lavish luxuries?

Or do you indulge in God’s blessings?

Do you try to find a balance?

Personally I find myself walking a fine line between enjoying life and idolatry…the line of a disciple.

This post is not supposed to be one full of my wise opinion by the way, and I am not trying to assert that I have it all down pat!  Rather I would prefer to discuss this topic to see what you think and how you walk this line…for we learn from each other.

This morning I decided to spend some time looking after myself…but then again I could say it another way…this morning I spent some time treating myself - Subtle difference in this statement, but quite a big difference in meaning.

During this time; I had a full facial, my eyebrows were shaped, teeth cleaned, fingernails manicured, body hair removed and my hair was re-foiled…

What are you thinking so far?  Is this a tad excessive or just maintenance?

Are you thinking, “What a lot of money wasted!”

Well, what if I told you I did this all myself at home in my own bathroom, and that it didn’t cost me much more than my time?  Does this change your opinion or is it still way to vain?

Well the truth be told, I did do all these things but I won’t be justifying it here, as I’d rather prompt thought and discussion!

Previously I have had an extensive period in my Christian life where I refrained from whatever I considered to be more than necessary maintenance to avoid excessive vanity and this extended even into the clothes and jewellery I wore.  Honestly I do not regret this period in my life at all, it was a good simplifying experience – however I must acknowledge that it did change some people’s perceptions of me, some positive and some not so…

Now-a-days I try to put my best foot forward when in public, but I don’t want to appear pompous!  I do take time-out to ‘treat’ myself and enjoy doing so…but I just don’t want it to take over me.

There is so much more I could write, for there are even relatable scripture passages which could be discussed…However as I said I’d rather prompt thought and discussion.

So what’s your opinion? Do you personally live a simple life?

Then we can go one step further…does this issue differ for men and women?

And what about husbands, what level of vanity do you expect, or accept from your wife?

Do you live a simple life?

Melanie J

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Chanda Griese said...

This could be a very touchy topic, Melanie, but you handled it with grace. I think the line between dignity and vanity is different for each one of us. I think being sensitive to the Holy Spirit in the area of outward beauty is how we can tell if we are over-doing it or not treating our body well. We can definitely go to extremes either way.