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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Saturday, 28 December 2013


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed…like the whole world is against you...tired and struggling, even with what is the normal routine of your everyday life?
Does it sometimes seem like the grass is greener for those with more money, better looks, or even those without kids or the opposite a super-supportive family or spouse?
Well, if you do feel like this from time to time, take heart you’re NOT alone!
I am on my third day in on a domestic charge, tackling jobs which MUST be done for our household to operate smoothly and I tell you at times I think…Oh poor me...Single mother with my head down ploughing away…Some people have it so much easier!
But then when God gently reminds me of the truth, of how abundantly blessed I truly am, scriptures come to mind which encourage me on my journey.
So today I hope to encourage you as God has done for me… 
One job I did this morning was to fill my car up with fuel and at the local service station.  The attendant offered me a ‘free’ newspaper because I had spent over five dollars…and as I flicked through the paper at home this is a heading that jumped out at me…
“NICE GUYS AND GALS FINISH LAST” – it was a heading for a report on a movie.
I couldn’t help but think, “Oh yes this is what the world tells me and the lie that I sometimes entertain.”
The ‘free’ newspaper, obviously a marketing ploy by the declining company was FULL of worldly rot…here are some examples, I kid you not…
On the front cover are 6 female teenagers in skimpy swimsuits, apparently all with different body shapes.   Another feature article is James Packer and Robert DeNiro labelled as ‘Booze Brothers’ for their business arrangement.  Yet another bullying story.  An animal cruelty story, and lots of stories on sports or athletes…This is the ‘high quality’ enticing free gift being offered to Aussies this weekend…
So once again people in Australia are being fed a load of rubbish that says in order to win in this life you’d better be either super glamorous, great at sport or a mega-rich tycoon...because the truth is that nice guys and gals come last apparently.
What a lie…Jesus actually said that those who are first will be last and those who are last shall be first in God’s Kingdom.
“Oh yeah, but there’s no afterlife…” Is a common idea these days… “make the most of life while you’re living.” Is another phrase often heard.

But again, another damaging lie that the world will tell you!

If you’ve been sucked in to the world’s lies, take heart don’t despair because Jesus who always speaks the truth said that if you seek Him (and He is the Truth) you will surely find Him!
When the disciples said to Jesus “we’ve left everything to follow you…” Jesus encouraged them by reminding them that God is NOT unjust and He will NOT overlook their loyalty.
So today I write to you as me, just another ordinary person who faces life’s challenges, and I want to encourage you in continuing to do good every day in your life, no matter what obstacles you may be facing or have faced…because you are NOT alone.  God is with you and does see all, and He provides you with His children for further support.
Have friends or family disassociated themselves from you due to your faith in Jesus?
Please do take heart, because your brothers and sisters also have faced this to some extent, we are not alone in our resistance against the world’s lies and pressures to renounce our faith.
Are you tired of the pressures of family duties or work commitments?

Well I do know what this feels like, but it helps me to remember that my children and work are actually a blessing from God.  God has entrusted my children to my care and when I work and serve them I am actually serving Him!

So in both the good times and difficult seasons let us have our faith anchored in The One who is firm, and continue to give Him praise by our committed lives.

God bless, Melanie.


Joanna Sormunen said...

Nice guys and gals may finish last but that is because they are busy enjoying God's blessings in their lives. And in no hurry to end before time.
Life isn't a race to finish first, if it is a competition, it is to see who lives more. And a Christian lives more and more profoundly.
And always, even amongst the most painfull moment, can be sure that he/she is surrounded by supernatural love and care.
So, I'm glad to end last. It gives me time to have more fun :)

Melanie Baker said...

Love your attitude Joanna!
God bless you sister :)

Joanna Sormunen said...

Thank you, Melanie. Google+ has benched me and I can't post or comment for two weeks. Just letting you know so you won't be surprised.
I can read and + though, so will be using those options at least!

Pam Brown said...

Thank you for the encouragement to live in God's truth and not in the lies of this world.

Melanie Baker said...

No worries Pam, thank too for taking the time to comment and to let me know that you were encouraged! God bless :)