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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


A letter to my family and friends,
Happy New Year to you all! 
May you experience God’s peace this year of 2014.
I am sitting here in my home, satisfied and feeling very blessed.
My boys have just finished eating some homemade pumpkin soup and ice-cream for dessert…I know pumpkin soup is not the most summery dish, but you see the pumpkins were given to me and I don’t like to waste food when possible.  But I truly love to see my kids eating and enjoying healthy food that I have prepared for them, it makes me feel so good inside…and I have been thinking about my other friends who work so hard to show love and care for the children in their lives and the excitement of a brand new year.
Honestly I do not know what 2014 will hold for us, but what I am thinking about, rather than making resolutions, is fixing our attentions on continuing to love and serve the young people in our lives.
There always seems to be such a push for ‘new’ goals, ‘new’ plans, ‘new’ ideas and basically just new commitments due to the fact it’s a ‘new’ year…but what about a resolution to remain committed, rather than another self-orientated goal?
I understand this is counter-cultural and perhaps will be scoffed at by some who don’t really know me, thinking that I don’t really understand New Year resolutions at all!
But seriously we know that not many New Year resolutions are stuck to…
So today here I sit, thinking about all my wonderful friends and family members I know, who selflessly are so committed to the young people in their lives…I am truly blessed to know so many.
There are single-parents, married couples, aunts, uncles, grandparents and so on…
I see their heart and commitment when they sacrifice their time, money, energy and love in serving the young people in their lives.
So I decided to write a letter to you all to say, that I notice your efforts, either in person or via FB or Google+ and really want to encourage us all to stay committed to the young people in our lives!
There once was a time when I thought investing in young people was a waste of my time that I could be spending on myself - yes, admittedly this is sadly true!
But now I understand that every self-sacrificing act is a wonderful seed that gets planted into that young person’s life which will later bloom into something so beautiful…so let’s keep investing those seeds of love.
Love to you all, Melanie J

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Joanna Sormunen said...

When I got bregnant I thought I was ready to have a baby. It wasn't a planned bregnancy but we were planning to get a baby after another year. He just came a bit early :)
Whenever people would ask me how would I do this and that, I would be really suprised and have a perfectly sensible answer on how the books/authors/doctors/psycologist/child development specialists recomend we do things.
Well, let me tell you. When my son was born, it was nothing like I thought. And I was NOT ready :)
I remember how confidently I took him to take his first bath and then couldn't do it. I had to ask my mom to help because it just wasn't the same. The responsability felt too big, too enormous.
I really think my son has been raising me, together with God. They have shown me what responsability means, what it means to be in charge of someone's life, future and faith. And it's something I could never be prepared to do.
But I know that I could have never become the person I am without my son.