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Monday, 27 January 2014

Turkey 1 - Associations

Me @ Hierapolis...yes that's a tomb in the background!
Association…you know, the thing that happens inside you when you’re triggered by a special word, smell, sound, place or person…

I think associations are an inward sign that lets us know we have had a significant experience.

To say that I have returned unchanged from my New Testament study tour would be a lie. Indeed this trip has truly been a life changing event and one that I am pleased to say has filled me with many new positive associations.

I know for sure that if someone mentions the word turkey from now on, I will not instantly think of a tasty sandwich J

So many awesome things have happened on my trip that one blog will not suffice, so this is just the first, of how many I do not know…

St. John's basilica "Church of the cross" - Ephesus

Corinthians, Philadelphia, Greece, Turkey…these are just some of the words which now have awesome new associations for me!

Me @ the site of the church of Philadelphia!
There are some things in life which change you forever; like becoming a parent, reuniting with family, meeting Jesus…and I know this trip has been a new life event for me.

Usually when I return home from a trip I am excited and comforted by my familiar home sights.  At heart I am simply an Ordinary Aussie Woman…When I was driving home last night I was comforted to see my familiar home turf of flat, dry, farm acres and gum trees…yet I also had some emptiness inside, and I am aware that some of heart has remained in Turkey along with my footprints imprinted in the land.

Around three quarters of our New Testament is set in what’s now Turkey; so I suppose it’s not a surprise to some that Turkey has become a special place for me…however I am surprised because it’s not just a simple connection that has been made.  The connection is a deeply permeating one – a heart connection. 

The connection is actually a God one!

I believe this because there were actually many challenging aspects for me personally while travelling…Turkey being a Muslim country more so than Greece.  Yet I was surrounded by God’s love on this trip and in this land…I could feel His love for this place and people, and He connected my heart for the places and people with His…

So some of this Aussie woman’s heart remains with Turkey and its people, and although this realisation has come as a surprise it is welcomed, along with all my new positive associations…God is Good, love Melanie J

On a beach not far from Gallipoli!


Shanique said...

Welcome back Melanie! I'm looking forward to hear about all that you've seen and heard and learned on your trip!

Mark Hanson said...

This is a great and encouraging post Melanie. So wonderful that God has really blessed, and changed, you through this study tour.

Joanna Sormunen said...

In Africa they have a saying that when a person flies from one place to another they move too fast for their soul. The sould is traveling behind them and that is why you are longing and missing. You are actually longing for you sould that was left behind where you were.
I am glad you are back :)

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for the wonderful welcome back guys...much appreciated! Indeed God has truly blessed me through this study tour in SO MANY ways that sometimes it's mind boggling :D Have never heard that expression Joanna, although I know where my soul is ;)