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Friday, 3 January 2014

Enemy Attack..

God has given me a heart for families and children and in some way or another, this is mostly how you’ll find me connecting with people and sharing the gospel…it may be in words or by actions.

This isn’t to boast, but just to give you an idea about who God has made me to be.

I am not the best Christian in the World or anything like that…indeed one of my ‘pressure points’ can be when I feel a child or mother is being taken advantage of!  Only yesterday I lost my temper with someone who was out of line with my children…I am not proud of this!

This is just one incident that has happened recently, that I feel was a part of the enemy’s attack.

We have been settling into our new home town and making efforts to show God’s love to others.  A part of this has taken me out of my comfort zone (though not out of my area of ministry) as I have actively been making new connections.  You see, for me it’s easier to show God’s love to people I am already connected to.  I actually need to extend myself to make new connections, because as we all know this takes time, patience and a lot of mental energy…and with 3 boys of my own sometimes I don’t feel like extending myself!

Even though I haven’t always felt like reaching out of late, because honestly I have been tired with all expended energy spent on Christmas and the New Year, I decided to try and be obedient to what God was putting on my heart…….


Here are some things that have happened…misunderstandings and hurt feelings, abusive unwarranted phone calls with family members, heightened anxiety, the altercation with the person out of line with my kids, rampant hormones, a new financial stress, a migraine and petty pressure from my landlord…

However through it all God has supported me and kept me strong when I have continually called upon Him. 

I have needed to ask Him to forgive me when I lost my temper and to make a way for peace.  I also have asked Him to help me forgive those who hurt me.  I know I need to remain humble, let go of the stress and resolve to not quit loving God and expressing my love in serving and reaching out. I also needed to reach out to God’s people during the most stressful times – downloading onto a trusted Christian has helped me to let go…to get the rubbish stress out of my head and resolve to not give up!

With all the talk of New Year Resolutions there may be many of you who are trying to make changes for the better…just don’t be surprised if all of a sudden there are unwarranted pressures that spring up because the enemy is evil and doesn’t want good things for you or others, he will bombard you where he knows you are most vulnerable.

However God is faithfully always at work and willing to support you…you just need to call upon Him…Why?  Because God is all about relationship and as you know relationships take two.  God is not some impersonal, puppet master…He is our creator who wants to connect with us through Jesus!


In love, Melanie J


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