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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Joy In Purpose!

I have just finished watching ‘Verve’ part 1 with my three sons, it’s a DVD produced by Nick Vujicic.
 (Life Without Limbs) 
If you haven’t seen this DVD or heard of Nick (Another Aussie on fire for God – but now based in the US) then you really ought to check out this genuine man of God!

Nick’s Gospel presentation is truly ordained by God.  It has so much love and Biblical foundational truth in it, that I am not going to unpack it here…just check it out if you can.  One point however spoke very loudly to me…because life events (as you know if you’re familiar with my blog) did not go quite the way I imagined, when my ex-husband left our marriage almost 2 years ago.

With God’s help I was living my life the best I could…I wasn’t perfect, but who is…and I was trying to be faithful to God and my family.  Then very un-expectantly…BAM…I was knocked flat!

My life literally changed in a week.  I went from being a married mother able to care for her children, volunteering my time to great causes…To a single parent, forced to turn to the government for assistance.

I lost a husband, my parenting partner, my role as a wife, my status, my future dreams and some of my identity.

Nick said something in his presentation like this; “You may not be happy with your circumstances, but you can have JOY in your God-Given Purpose!”

And this is what stood out to me…because I can tell you, honestly sometimes I am not the most happiest woman around…sometimes I am actually tired, grumpy and even angry…sometimes I feel worn-out and at the end of my tether.   There still are plenty of happy times.

But, if you had of asked me before my ex left would I choose to be a single mother, I can tell you for sure that I would have probably laughed and said, “NO WAY!”

When I became single God gave me this verse more than once:

          ‘For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.’ Jer29:11 NRSV

It’s interesting because this verse was mentioned by more than one person on Verve.

You see, honestly my circumstances do not always make me happy…but I do have real JOY…it’s a JOY in knowing that although my circumstances are not always easy, I still am FORGIVEN & LOVED by God and HE has an amazing plan for my life…a truly good one and will use my experiences to help others.

I am NOT trying to talk myself up here…rather just be honest and truthful…you see life’s not all about me…it’s not about this Ordinary Aussie Woman.

Life is about God, for He is the source of life…He is the creator…The beginning and the end…There is no life without HIM!

Do you struggle with your life?  Can you imagine God has a purpose for you?

Have you given your life over to Jesus Christ 100%?  You know what I mean…like really 100%...

I have a purpose…a God-ordained one…and it’s NOT because I’m special…I am just an Ordinary Aussie Woman who was re-birthed by God when I called upon His name.  And He will do the same for you…just don’t expect to remain the same, for a life with purpose from Jesus Christ is truly exceptional.

As always, in love, Melanie.



Jacob said...

Thank you for sharing this. Yes, there is joy in purpose and many times joy can even be found in disappointment such as your divorce. Thanks for sharing your brave words about your life.

Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for your encouragement Jacob :) Praise The Lord that He has done so much healing in my life (and still is) that I can share with others, so that they may know that they are not alone in their struggles!