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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 23 December 2013

My Sister And I

When I was younger, I thought it was strange

I wasn’t like my sister, perhaps I should change?

You see she was a beauty, stunning and dark

And I was the scraggy, shy little lark.


“I think you’re adopted”, was something she said

And this only fuelled the thoughts in my head.

Why was I different, and not like her?

I just didn’t realise, it was all a big stir!


That was until later, as years had passed on

We had grown close, and really got along.

And I stopped to reflect, on how funny life is

We had become so similar; it could put your mind in a fizz.


You see I had darkened, and both with eyes green

Our resemblance was now obvious, easily seen.

But wait oh no, it doesn’t stop there

I need to say more, it only seems fair.

As time had went on, we both had three sons

We lived in the country, and enjoyed being mums.

Our sons were best cousins, that was so true

But two even shared a birthday, two years apart too.


The artistic streak, from our DNA was strong

We both were creative and could belt out a song.

We both loved animals, and had them as pets

We’d give anything a go, even being ‘home vets’.


Camping or boating, tennis or dance

We’d fully participate, given the chance.

When we were both talking, it could often be said

We knew what the other, thought in their head.


Our voices, they even sounded the same

It wasn’t put on, no it wasn’t a game.

Our taste buds, our twitches, our bodies alike
The aches and the pains, and the determination to fight.

It was all engrained from the creator, deep inside us both

It was plain, crystal clear, no need for an oath.

Social and loving, generous and true

Both Aussie women, through and through.


We both like to rhyme, which is why I sat down

To pen this poem, and it’s not with a frown.

For I love my big sister, and our similarities

They help form our bond, and firm solidarity.


Merry Christmas my sister, this poem I give

Praise be to Jesus, because it’s through Him we both live!

I thank Him for you, today and forever

Without you I don’t want to be, not now, not never!

1 comment:

Chanda Griese said...

So sweet! I definitely see the family resemblance!