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Friday, 6 December 2013

In Him...


How is the State of you heart?

Who or what is your heart’s first love?

What drives you on each day?

I think these are healthy assessing questions for us all…

You see I want to walk the walk…not just talk the talk of a Christian!

As I spent time with God today I was thinking this – I don’t want to be someone who is just good at saying the right things and not so good at humbling myself before the Lord…then God gave me this scripture…

For ‘In him we live and move and have our being’ Acts 17:28a

We must remain vigilant in keeping Jesus as our heart’s first love, for there is no real life without Him!

I am not asserting this as someone who is spiritually superior – far from it! 

This is coming from the depth of my heart, as a woman who knows what it’s like to feel tired and exhausted…yet who is energised by our faithful God to love…

The energy He provides is good and unlimited yet I need to keep seeking Him daily…for it is indeed only through Him that I live and move and am energised!

We are still frail in our current state, susceptible to many pressures and realities…However if we remain humble and continue to seek His face…resisting the temptation to be puffed up by our accomplishments…we can experience the goodness of the Gospel daily, for we are not saved from anything we have done or can do…it is only through Jesus Christ that we live and move and have our being…all the thanks goes to Him!

Melanie J



Chanda Griese said...

This is something I can ponder daily...even moment-by-moment, who or what is my first love? If I'm being honest with myself it's probably not always Christ, though I wish it thankful that by His grace, He is making me more and more like Himself and refining me through the hard times in my life.

Charles Carrelej said...

Hi from Scotland,

Walking the Walk is an exceedingly difficult path. You will not always be 'Mrs Popular' when you do so....even among Christians.

However when you do so, Jesus guarantees to be with you......what more do you need!!


Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for your comments and honesty guys!

Anonymous said...

Your post is a reminder for me to put first things first in my life. Lately, I am so easily distracted by the days events and I find myself squeezing God in. I was talking with God about it this morning. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie Baker said...

You're not alone with "squeezing God in" Marilyn :) It's a daily journey with Him that we all must focus on isn't it? Much love x