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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 22 September 2014


When I was born again I read Jesus’ words He spoke to Peter on the beach “Follow me…”  I could not help but take them personally, as for me there was no other choice…I had to follow His call…I wanted to follow His call…I needed to follow His call...

Similar to the conversation Jesus had early on with the disciples; So Jesus asked the twelve, “Do you also wish to go away?” Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life”. (John 6:67-68)

I had found eternal life and knew it was with Jesus…so how could I not follow Him with total dedication in my life?

I did not know exactly what the “Follow me” would look like.  I can remember contemplating overseas mission and hearing, “No you must stay here with your children”.  I remember hearing The Lord to volunteer as a Christian Religious Teacher in states school and thinking… “Are you sure Lord, I don’t know much scripture?  But if you say so…” Then not much later was beginning Bible College for a good theological education.  During those years The Lord put upon my heart to continue with children’s and youth ministry and they were wonderful years for me as a mother and witness.  I also did some music leading at church and lead some choirs…I sang all the time, but I wasn’t that confident to sing solo. 

God gently led me to sing solo at church, then publically and then also began to give me some melodies…but I didn’t have a whole song and I didn’t really feel called to being a solo singer…yet I was inspired once when I attended a women’s conference and there was a speaker who shared through both speaking and singing her original songs.

But why am I sharing all this in this post…because it’s not usual of me to make mention here of ministry stuff here, as I never want to be boasting about me?  I am writing this post because I want to share with you some of the journey I have been on over the last decade in my relationship with The Lord, to give you some insight to the big breakthrough I’ve just recently had.

After my ex-husband left, The Lord continued to grow me in singing and confirming that I was anointed to sing for Him.  I got back into a lot of creative stuff that I had somewhat suppressed.  I even began this blog and have continued to grow as a communicator.

There didn’t seem to be an open door for team music ministry so I kept praying and seeking His will for my life and asking, "What do You want me to do?"  Some months back I decided to specifically pray and ask The Lord to give me the ability to write whole songs for Him, if it was His will…a little later that evening I did have my first whole song and not long later I had another.  I met a woman who said she could put music to songs (she played piano) and although she was interstate I sent her my first song.  My friend loved the song, yet two months later I hadn’t heard anything and had once again put music making out of my mind.

I had been in a difficult place emotionally having faced some online persecution, my dad’s death and also family stuff and really wanted breakthrough…sometimes patience is tough to practice!

Then on the 12th of September when taking a break from a massive assignment I was working on, a melody dropped into my head and I began to sing to The Lord; “You are so amazing…’ when I realised that this was a song and a really good one… Feeling somewhat perplexed I hurried to my room and around an hour later had my 3rd whole song.

I knew without a doubt this song was indeed from The Lord and that He was speaking to me…although I was bewildered with His timing, thinking that I had an assignment due and no-one to partner with for music anyway!  Yet later that evening when scrolling through my phone I saw the name of an old family friend who is a very gifted musician (guitarist)…his name jumped out at me and I knew that the Lord was saying, “Here is your music partner!”


I rang my family friend whom I’d last reconnected with at dad’s funeral, said g’day and discovered that he had been wanting to use his gift for The Lord, so was very eager to partner…since then the songs from The Lord have kept coming.  My new music partner and I caught up and we nearly have a whole album worth of music already…I decided I wanted 12 songs for the album as it is such a significant number…

What will happen next?  Only God knows and it’s my heart’s desire for His will be done with this new adventure/ministry.  It’s all happened very quickly, yet I have total peace with it…Breakthrough is amazing…

God is Good…Will keep you posted, love Melanie :)

p.s...If you're waiting for breakthrough...try to be patient and trust His timing for it is perfect!

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