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Life of an Ordinary Aussie Woman

Monday, 29 September 2014

You Are Not Alone...

We all need to be understood.
In Genesis we know that The Lord said everything He created was good and that man was very good. Yes, creation was good and God and Adam had perfect, sinless fellowship…Yet God then said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone.

Even though Adam had God and a beautiful, perfect world to enjoy, his heart longed for another human being to unite with and so God created him Eve.

There is something inside us which longs to be totally understood and accepted by another human being.  As Christians we have God’s completing love and restored fellowship with Him, yet we too still long to share our lives with people we totally trust, and to be heard and validated by others.  This is a totally normal human experience and I believe it to be the same for people gifted for singleness.

In 2nd Corinthians chapter 2, we read of St. Paul’s distress when he reached Troas at not finding his ministry partner Titus there, and even though The Lord had opened a door for Paul there to proclaim the Gospel, Paul had unrest and left for Macedonia, Read it here.

I have found that I have always needed a Christian best-friend…Someone who totally ‘gets me’!

It’s not always easy to find such a person, for indeed we are all unique, not clicking with all people and sometimes friendships with some would not be appropriate.  Yet I also know that God is faithful and will always provide people to walk alongside us.

I believe if it is His will for a person to marry, He will provide the right best friend for them to minister together.  If they are to be single, like St. Paul, they will have a faithful best-friend to minister with.  And even if a person is married to a non-Christian, they will be provided with a same-sex Christian best friend to journey with, which will not upset their marriage.

Life as a Christian entails spiritual warfare and God will always faithfully equip His children for the battle which includes having a best-friend to bear each other’s burdens without the fear of what’s shared being spread further.  A friend who will listen, encourage, at times challenge, love without condemnation and with respect, pray with you and hug you.

God will always provide the right person for us.  We do need to be wise and discern with His help whom the right person is, for it is not wise to be vulnerable with the wrong person/people. Indeed God is Good, always and He knows our need to be totally understood and loved by another human being and therefore does provide.

In His service, Melanie :)

Let me leave you with this song I love which speaks so personally to my own heart of how God knows me, this ordinary Aussie woman completely - so I can trust Him to always meet all of my needs.  It is 'I know You're There' by Casting Crowns.

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