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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Your Will Be Done...

Sometimes it’s overwhelming for us when we think something is God’s will for our life and then we have to wait to see if it will unfold…

I know what this is like…and at the moment I am waiting to see something which I believe The Lord has confirmed still yet unfold before me.

Maybe I should clarify…I know this issue will unfold completely in His timing…but I am still waiting, trying to do so patiently for the final outcome to be revealed.  I believe I have heard a yes from God in many ways, but I am still waiting to see what happens next…

How we wait during these times matters.

It is so easy for me as a person who can suffer with anxiety to become upset or worried with certain unknowns…yet I also know that this worry is not God’s desire for me so I try to focus upon His unchanging truths during times like this.

I hold onto scriptures like:

  • He works all things together for our good. 
(Romans 8:28)
Therefore regardless of the outcome or the actions of others, I know The Lord will work something good from this situation.

His plan is good and ultimately the only one I want for my life as it comes with His peace. Therefore if the outcome is not what I expected, I can still take courage and trust that He still has good gifts waiting for me. Even a shut door can be a good gift.

  • It is good to learn patience and trust in The Lord in all times. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
I need to practice patience; letting Him guide me because this is trust…also sometimes we just have to wait because God does not remove other people’s free wills.

  • Pray and give thanks in all circumstances.
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
Waiting should draw us closer to God, praying for His strength to wait patiently and for His will to continue to be revealed and come about.  Giving thanks during this difficult time can be great for our attitude, as we can then focus on being grateful for what The Lord is teaching us through this event and retain some much needed positivity.

As I said, my flesh can pay-out on me during times of waiting for God’s will to be totally revealed.  I can worry and stress over doubts like, ‘Have I really heard Him right…and if I haven’t does this make me a failure as a Christian?’ I can also worry and think, ‘Did I hear Him right…am I doing the right thing by taking action toward this?’

If you too feel like this sometimes, I believe it’s okay, because although I don’t think these worrying thoughts are what God wants us to sit with, it still shows that we care about The Lord’s will taking precedence in our lives.  He sees our heart’s desire to live an obedient life where we do not actively stop His will for our lives…and I believe this makes Him smile.

May we have the courage to pray not asking for what we want so much, rather ‘You know my heart’s desire on this issue, Lord and yet I only want Your will in my life, so if I haven’t heard You right please shut the door…I trust You Lord, Your will be done with this situation and in all of my life.’

May we also remember and hold on Jeremiah 29:11 in times of waiting for His will to be totally revealed:  ‘For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.’ (Jer 29:11, NRSV)

In love, Melanie J

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