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Thursday, 25 September 2014

God Cares..

I believe God sometimes speaks to us in the ordinary ebb and flow of life and we can sometimes miss what He’s saying, or from seeing His good gifts if we are too bogged down…indeed sometimes our own circumstances can cloud our eyes…

What did Jesus say about worrying or being bogged down in our own circumstances?

Jesus reassured us that God in all His awesomeness even cares for the sparrows, that He knows what happens to them all (See Matt 10:26-32) - that we are valued much more highly than birds, so we need not worry but stay firm in Him...

Today I was walking with my cousin and our children and we came across an abandoned duckling.  Now the last thing I need right now is a demanding duckling!  Yet when I saw some dogs roaming unleashed in the park, I scooped up the baby to protect it and knew I could not just leave this helpless baby.  We spent around an hour looking for its parent/nest and we even knocked on someone’s door to ask if they knew of anyone who had ducks. 

Right at this moment the duckling is sleeping in my bathroom, comforted by the warmth of a wheat-bag, in a cage borrowed from a friend.  I could not just leave the helpless duckling today with no mother…my heart went out to this baby bird…and it makes me think of God’s love and the scripture mentioned above.

I hear God say…your heart went out to this little bird, how much more do I love and care for you?

Sometimes we all can get bogged down in worry relating to our own circumstances…we can wonder why and even question God’s timing.  Yet God is good in all circumstances and His love is always unfailing.

I believe that when we get bogged down and stay in that place of despondency we lose our eyes to see the good things He is blessing us with and bringing about in our life.

The truth is; life, how it is right now, is never going to be totally perfect.  Yes, there may be times of great joy, real peace and love…but even when we reach that milestone or place we’d like to be, there is often another new challenge.  So we need to hold onto the image of the sparrow or in my lesson today the duckling, and have eyes to see what God is doing to bless us here this day. 

How is God showing you today that He loves you?
What gift is He offering you or giving you today?
Is your vision clouded due to feeling bogged down…do you need to clean your lenses to see and enjoy the good gifts in front of you?

For the record…no my life is not perfect right now but I am grateful for the gift of spending time with my cousin today.

Take courage and do not worry, you are loved dearly, much more than even my little duckling, sleeping soundly on a warm wheat-bag!

Melanie J

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