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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Accouraging April 2014 ~ Part 2

For this Easter season I am writing 4 reflections upon my life and Easter.

In Accouraging April ~ Part 1 I reflected upon my current personal life challenges which linked to the glorious hope we have as Christians, because of Jesus’ resurrection.  This hope is our firm anchor in life’s storms and is truly a comfort.

During last week I was blessed to have family time and also to settle into my new job.  I found myself focusing upon trying to faithfully serve my family, friends and my new employer.

I had a week of fellowship but also working hard and expending a lot of energy.  Yes serving can be tiring, however I also felt very blessed to be able to humbly serve others with genuine care and without a hidden agenda…

The week made me reflect upon Jesus’ last Passover meal with His disciples before His death and resurrection…the meal where the King of Glory humbled Himself to wash His disciple’s dirty, dusty, weary feet, before they sat to eat.

With this action found here (John 13) Jesus gives us a true example of how to live our lives humbly serving others.  Yes there may be times when we need assistance and to be served, but ultimately this act of genuine, loving service with no ulterior motive that Jesus gave is our benchmark.

With all of His life’s pressures and the impending suffering, Jesus still took the time to patiently, lovingly serve His disciples, giving them the ultimate example they needed to lead humbly committed, godly lives.

I believe we can take wonderful encouragement from Jesus’ love and humility shown in this powerful demonstration.

Jesus taught that to be a true follower of Him, one must take up their own life’s cross…see here; Luke 9:23-27Matt 16:24-28.

Carrying our life’s cross can be difficult but ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD (Luke 1:37) and I have found that taking the time to lovingly serve others, with no hidden agenda, can help us keep our focus upon Him, rather than the weight of our cross…

In love, Melanie :)

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