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Friday, 25 April 2014

Accouraging April 2014 - Part 4


For my fourth and final post for the #AccouragingApril series I am focusing upon Jesus’ resurrection because this event is fundamental to the Christian faith.

I think Easter Sunday can be confusing for some non-Christian people, as they don’t know what all the fuss is about…indeed I was once not so sure myself.  I think I knew Jesus was alive and in heaven, but was unsure how that affected me…

The meaning of Jesus’ resurrection for someone unacquainted with scripture can be lost.  So here is a basic explanation of why Christians are so joyous on Easter Sunday...and it’s not solely because their Lord returned from death…It’s because He conquered death for us, and the result of that fact!

You see, Jesus returning from death to life proves that Jesus is God’s promised Messiah, the Saviour of the whole world…Jesus’ resurrection is the proof of God’s promise to us, that when we belong to God through Jesus Christ, we too will rise to eternal life as Jesus has done…our sins deserve death and separation from God who is Holy and Pure…

When we repent of our sins (acknowledge them, say sorry, and ask for forgiveness through Jesus) and then commit our life to following Jesus, we are forgiven and restored to God through Jesus.  Jesus’ death stands in place of the one we deserve.  Jesus, the perfect, one true sacrifice for sin, God’s Holy Lamb, cleanses us from all unrighteousness…

Jesus was the first to rise from death to eternal life and we who love Him will follow!

You know the rainbow sign in our sky…how it represents God’s promise never to destroy the world again by flood?  Well Jesus’ resurrection is our sign of God’s promise to raise us too, to eternal life.

So you see, the resurrection is fundamental to the Christian faith and is why Christians are so joyful on Easter Sunday!

Indeed the resurrection is so powerfully impacting for Christians it should affect their whole life…so here is my reflective application for the resurrection for us Christians.


R – Rejoicing
The resurrection gives us joy and hope even in the most desperate of situations which is why Christians should be the most joyful of all people.  This is NOT to say it isn’t okay to mourn or feel down, but I believe that rejoicing should be a major defining characteristic of Christians.

E – Eternal perspective
The resurrection indeed does give Christians an eternal perspective, one that views life as eternal, not temporal which is so counter-cultural.  This perspective looks to the things that are above, and the life that is to come when Jesus returns doing away with sin forevermore, saving those who are waiting for Him.

S – Spreading the Saving Message
The resurrection is fundamental to the Gospel (the good news which is found in Jesus) – truly I ask you how can a person believe in the Gospel and keep this saving message to themselves?  A Christian should be so grateful for what God has done for them (which no-one deserves) that they want to share this awesome news with others and welcome them into God’s family.

U – Unified
Understanding the resurrection and that we now have peace with God through Jesus should impact us so, that we too want peace with each other.  A unified Church is a powerful message to the world.  Yes other Christians challenge me at times in various ways, and this is not always easy to deal with, but who ever said things worthwhile were easy?  Honestly I need to grow up and be mature, rather than be easily offended and/or sulk…I am not a complete Christian (picture of Christ) on my own…none of us are!

R R – Re-defined Reality
Some people struggle with people they once knew changing.  But this is a powerful testimony to the power of God to bring about change and growth in people that is impossible on their own.  A Christian is changed person from who they once were because they are now re-defined from the inside out in Christ.  This is what ‘born again’ means.  The person has moved from death awaiting them, to eternal life and peace with God…they will not be the same again.  Are you re-defined by Christ?

E – Ever forgiving
This is so hard to do, but is true of a true Christian.  The forgiveness we receive from God we need to extend to others…we cannot grow bitter when resurrection awaits us!

C – Clever
As a Christian you hold the meaning of life…for Jesus truly is The Way, The Truth & The Life…I truly believe He is the answer to all of life’s problems.  Therefore we need to be clever in how we live our life to be faithful to The One we call Lord, and other people we interact with.

T – Trainable
A true Christian must realise that God is so much bigger and smarter than they will ever be.  They therefore must remain humble and teachable…seeking their own growth in Christ and pointing others toward Him to do the same.

I – Inviting
A Christian must be hospitable, pleasant, welcoming and inviting.  Do I really need to expand this one?  I hope not…

O – On fire
A true Christian will be on-fire for the Lord…sometimes their light may grow dim but they can re-spark when they seek Him more.  The eternal perspective the resurrection brings should spark people to live their life, using their gifts for God’s glory.

N – Not self-seeking or boastful
Boastful and power seeking people are self-seeking rather than living for Christ’s glory, and to love His people.  A Christian must realise that they are a part of God’s family and that the Church is not all about them…the resurrection is for all people.

In love, Melanie.

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