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Sunday, 27 April 2014


I am dedicated to Jesus because He is dedicated to me…

God gave me this declaration of who I am today in church…

I am a words person and this beautiful phrase came into my mind during a silent reflection time in church this morning and for me, it is a very powerful one.

An expression of why I am dedicated first and foremost to Jesus Christ is something which can be difficult to explain to others…

My dedication can be difficult I think sometimes for others to understand.  I can understand this because before I was born again in Jesus, I struggled with people who were dedicated to Jesus in their lives…I just didn’t GET it!

I mean to explain something that has happened to you that is invisible, yet so personally tangible is difficult.  So I say to you today,

I am dedicated to Jesus because He is dedicated to me.

It’s not something I have done out of my own strength, or continue to do out of sheer will power alone…I have been forever changed from the inside out and it’s not because of any other reason than God is good!

God extends His gracious invitation for forgiveness and restoration to Him to everyone through Jesus Christ…all we need to do is accept.

We accept by praying to God, asking Him to forgive us, cleanse us and change us forever to become His child through Jesus Christ and to be reborn through His perfect Holy Spirit.

This is how we become born-again, changed forever…dedicated to God.

I am dedicated to Jesus because He is dedicated to me.

Scripture says that we love, because God first loved us.  God is the beginning and the end…He is love and is the eternal source of love and all that is good.

He is continually faithful and it is only because of His dedication to me that I in turn can be truly dedicated to Him.

I cannot live a truly committed life dedicated to God without Him…on my own I am too self-seeking…my sinful nature is too strong.  It is His perfect power dwelling in me that gives me the strength to continue to seek Him and His ways, above my own.  I don’t always get this right…but once again it is His dedication to me that corrects me, and keeps drawing me closer to Him and His ways.

I am dedicated to Jesus because He is dedicated to me.

A definition is an exact meaning of a word…yet is can also mean a clear outline, like muscle definition.

So if there was to be a definition of me it would have to contain my dedication to Jesus…for I am indeed now defined by Jesus Christ…yet this lacks the why component…

Even testimonials can be self-promoting in ways and if we are to be truly humble and honest we need to admit that although we came to a point of accepting God’s free gift of salvation to us through Jesus, the love offer was already there, the way for peace with God had already been made, and we are only made free because of His grace.

So who I am now is a new creation in Christ, a woman dedicated to Him in her life because of what He has done and continues to do in my life.

I am dedicated to Jesus because He is dedicated to me.

In love, Melanie.

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Pam Enderby said...

Jesus is so dedicated to us that when we are unfaithful to Him, He still remains faithful! Amazing how unconditionally loved we are!