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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Accouraging April 2014 ~ Part 1

This is the first installment of a four part series of my personal lead up to Easter Sunday 2014.  It is also part of a wider blogger challenge.

I do hope that all these Lent/Easter reflections are encouraging for you, as well as me.

As I sit and reflect upon this week…then wider this year…and wider again my life…and yet still wider again eternal life with Jesus, and also this current season of lent leading us towards Easter, I am encouraged thinking of the resurrection that came for Jesus after His trial.

This week has been challenging for me, it has had the trial of beginning a new job.  You probably know how challenging a new job can be…learning new procedures…meeting new people…trying to stop yawning…

Expand that to the previous month which has also been an emotionally trying period.  A season of trying to break an unhealthy cycle with someone, and also bearing the brunt of that decision…

Expand that to the year or two which has seen so many unpredicted and unwanted changes that one could think, hang on where is the encouragement in this…

Yet amongst all of this there has been God, my constant and faithful one.

Even though times can be trying, at Easter we are forced to remember…Jesus…who stood up against all the powers of sin and death and rose again…

His lead up to His resurrection was tough, yes so tough He died.

Even though this week has been challenging, I also have known that this challenge will birth a new season for me…

No, my experience is not the same as what Jesus went through, for He is the Messiah of the whole world…and has risen to eternal glory.

But yet Easter does help me in my struggles.  For I know that Jesus understands my struggles, as He is accustomed to them and endured.  He was and is faithful and is my personal saviour.

I am encouraged when I see glimmers of God’s Kingdom here on Earth, glimmers of my new season approaching, and also when I think of our promised peaceful eternity, with no more sin or heartbreak, that is coming.

In love and encouragement, Melanie :)

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